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Has anyone come across any helpful studies about why some people cannot convert levo into t3?

Anyone know of any research done about why people who can't convert levo? I was summoned to see the Dr today by the practice pharmacist. My repeat prescription for t3 had already been cancelled so I went prepared to plead, rant, cry or do whatever was necessary to get it renewed.

My Dr was surprisingly understanding. She looked at my medical history & agreed I couldn't convert levo (t4) so there was no point giving me it. She said she would renew my prescription for another 3 months, but to be prepared for an ongoing battle to stay on it.

She went on to say, she thought people who can't convert t4 have a different kind of thyroid disease than people who can, but on one will research it because 'there's no money to be made from it.'

At the end of the day, she said I had a condition I couldn't prove & was taking a drug that wasn't approved. She would fully support me, but there are no guarantees the NHS will continue to fund the medication I need to stay alive.

Well I could do without the drama!

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There are two other T3s which can be prescribed on a named-patient basis. I'll give you a link. The powers that be are so pleased T3 has become to extortionate that they can blame the cost on the decision to stop prescribing. There's only one licenced T3 in the UK so doctors wont prescribe on a named-patient basis.


Thanks Shaws. I will look into getting the test done , although I don't need to convince my Dr. She looked at my health record & could see how ill I was on Levo.

I don't seem to be able to tolerate it at all , so just take t3. The Dr who prescribed it for me had to leave the practice soon afterwards. He bravely put patients first & I believe I owe him my life.


I understand completely and your response to levo as I was in the same boat. I am now well on T3. No doctor or other person who hasn't experienced what we have could possibly understand, yet the BTA et al keep saying levo is the only thing to be prescribed. They really need to have a couple of doctors in their organisation who cannot recover on levo alone.


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