I have only just realised that levothyroxine contains lactose!! How observant am I, I was advised by my immunologist to stay wheat/gluten and lactose free. I have had a swollen mouth and tongue, abcsesses and a very dicky gut for the last couple of years. I suspected it was medication, so have gone through the process of elimination. The last one is my levo, never thought for a minute it contained lactose. My GP cannot seem to find an alternative that is lactose free, anyone got any ideas.


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  • Netweeze,

    Teva have reintroduced Levothyroxine in a wide variety of doses and it is lactose-free.

  • Oh yes, forgot that!

  • many thanks for the info

  • Netweeze, Your GP can prescribe a special order European lactose free levothyroxine for you. Info on the main TUK website - there are two brands, Aliud and Henning

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