Saw Endcrinoligist today ...all bloods are NORMAL!!!!!!!'

Hi all just an update .. I saw the Endo today for the first time and she said I do not need medication to treat my hypothyroidism as 4.24 is within range. Until it is over 6 then nothing to worry about. Told her I disagree and the reference range was set too wide compared to the US and other countries. She was quite robotic and did not seem interested. When I told her another consultant has started me on Levo her jaw dropped!! But now she is saying it would be UNETHICAL if her to write to my GP to recommend I am NOT prescribed my Levo anymore. Told her it's already helping and I feel better .. she said it takes 6 weeks to get any effect. Told her I was angry and she said did I want a second opinion from a colleague. Said .. what's the point it's the same Uk reference range!! I told her I am being guided by Thyroid UK by people who know what it is like to have this disease and can back up everything they say with scientific evidence. She said "anyone can google a website" and your symptoms would fit into other thing as well. I said to her you haven't even done a blood test so she then arranged T3 , TP antibidies, cortisol and thyroidfunction . The NHS agave a lot to answer to!!! Hug to all xxx

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  • Please can you pm the name of this endo - thanks x

  • Yes please x

  • sounds like your [ idio] endo is going ONLY by the tsh test - which as many people , including experts , know is insufficient ..... for a correct diagnosis you have to have , at least , t3 /t4 / ferretin /folate / vitd3 / vit b12 WITH ALL THE LAB RANGES to give a more accurate profile of what and where to treat as a whole -- taken at the same time -- never forget though not all idio's [ endo's] sing from the same songsheet ......alan x

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