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any tips/advice/supplement recommendations for a Hashi's traveling around a hot country?

Hi there, me again! I'm travelling around Sri lanka for christmas and new year which'll be in a high 20's, 30's and even 40 degree heat at some point - YIKES!

Just wondering if anyone has some good tips on staying well when traveling with Hashi's/hypothyroid?

I'm obviously taking my levo and if all goes well with me adding T3, i'll take that too with my pill cutter but any essential sups to take along? i'll take a good probiotic too but anything else?


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Supplements are only essential when levels are low or deficient. If you can post ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate results members will advise whether you need to supplement.

Some people can feel a little over medicated in hot weather. If that happens reduce your dose a little but you'll probably need to increase it when you return to cold wintry UK.

I hope you have a lovely trip.

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hi, i have a feeling i won't need to take supplements in that case, definitely not Vit D with all the sun i'll get :D

so ferritin is 98 (13-150) the thyroid group on FB are saying my iron is far too high with their optimal amounts for women. i was low a few months ago and now I'm high even though i stopped supplementing over a month ago!

trans saturation % is high too at 53% (20-55%)

vitamin d went from 85 on the 20/10 to 103 on the 8/11 but i did finish off my 3000IU spray for about a week or so.

B12 is 315 which again the FB group says 800+ is optimal so now taking 500mcg of sublingual methylcobalamin which is a good form but now reading that hydroxycobalmin is better for people with the MTHFR gene (which could be reason I'm high in iron?)

Folate is 27.15 (10.4-42.4)




Ferritin is excellent. You haven't included iron results, only transaturation %. If iron was high because you were supplementing it will take some time to drop after you stop. It takes 4 months for red blood cells to die off and renew.

VitD is good but you may want to continue supplementing 1,000iu daily to maintain levels until you arrive in the sun.

It took 8 weeks supplementing 1,200mcg to raise my B12 from low 300s to 700. Folate is good.


Hi, yes sorry my iron was high - 35.8 (6.6-26) but the labs made a note to say I shouldn't be worried about this in isolation compared to my other iron readings? Definateing not taking any iron supps so hopefully that'll decrease in a few months like you say.

I guess my b12 will take that long to raise too with 500mcg a day but cytoplan are a good brand and I trust them so happy to stick until they run out and then if my levels are still low I'll get a better you spray at 1200mcg.

Will get a low dose of vitamin d then.



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