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Second opinion ?


So , had conversation today with GP Via telephone ,i asked about getting second opinion RE; Endo ,wont bore you with to many details but not happy with him ,due to BT results T3 being 3.3 [3.1-6.8] and not treating symptoms , He discharged me back to GP saying all results Normal range !!l GP said i had to see same Endo due to the fact that he did the BTs ,anyone on here knows if this is correct ? thanks in advance !

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A second opinion means seeing a different endo. It doesn't matter who ordered the blood tests, any endo should be able to interpret them. Besides, as the endo has discharged you it is unlikely s/he'll see you if you are referred back.

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Thank you Clutter , thanks for clarifying that ,!my thoughts exactly :)) need to speak to GP again i think :)))

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