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How long for T3 delivery from Greece?


I have been tracking my t3 order from Greece and it's been showing as at Heathrow world wide distribution centre since 2nd November! Does anyone know if this is normal? I'm guessing it's busy at the distribution centre but for a parcel to sit there for a week seems a bit much

Does Anyone with experience of buying t3 from Greece have any knowledge of the delivery time? (It got from Greece literally over night.... The delay is this end!)

Many thanks


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I got some recently from them - it appears to leave that particular distributor at Heathrow and is passed on to Royal Mail. Try looking at that site and enter your number- the 2 systems don't read each other so you have to change system yourself.

I had quite a delay at that point as well, but they did get to me eventually - I think they may go into a customs loop or similar where they tend to get stuck.

Hi Lu,

I had the same situation. Royal Mail couldn't help when I phoned them as the package is only tracked up to entry into the UK. I emailed the sender who was very helpful and said that there were sometimes delays, especially if the package was going to Scotland or NI.

I was expecting a pack mule delivery for the length of time mine took :-) One day from Greece to the UK then 2 weeks for 300 miles.

Mine took a while once it reached the UK. About three weeks from ordering altogether.

Thanks for all the responses.I feel reassured.

Hopefully no too much longer before I get it.

Lu x

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