How do i reverse cortisol/hormone induced collagen loss?

Hi, at aged 16 I had a healthy looking face. But, after i got off birth control my face dramatically changed. Within 3 months i loss around 60-70% of my facial collagen. I doubt this is a case of physically maturing, i looked 10 years older! 6 years on, and i can still look back at pictures and identify exactly when this unfortunate change took place (so can friends and family). Without going into too much detail and ranting on, i got off birth control at 16, and i was also incredibly stressed for various reasons. Other than a slightly unhealthy diet, and here and there smoking i did not do anything else differently. I am pretty sure the collagen loss was caused by stress cortisol and hormonal changes during my teenage years. My condition has gradually, VERY gradually, improved in the past 6 years. Now my facial fat seems to fluctuate from very dry and thin, to slightly plumped, every month. These back and forth changes gets me pointlessly hopeful, that my face may be getting fuller. I'm getting extremely fed up of this, why I cant I seem to find the root cause of this issue. Has anyone successfully reversed collagen loss?

Also, i have got my thyroids checked, posted results and everything seemed normal.

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  • The only thing that I know of that might help with replenishing collagen is gelatin. Here is a link which you might find useful.

  • vitamin c is good for collagen topical and eating healthy citrus fruit and or vitamin c ester capsules etc, no sugar, lots of sleep and rest at leat 8 hours a night , take 5 deep breaths a day every 3 hours your are awake i just read helps with cortisol, moisture moisture helps collagen....dont let your skin dry out..., avoid sun burn and over tanning, avoid smoking , healthy exercise like walking,

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