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female Hormones and Thyroid issues

I had some more tests recently, My thyroid has gone from a 2.35 in January to now a 3.95. I also had my hormones tested.

LH 17.3

Fsh 5.9

Progesterone 0.7

I had a partial hysterectomy in April. It seems since then everything has been out of whack. I just wondered if hormones are responsible for rising TSH or if the thyroid is responsible for my hormones changing? I do have a strong history of Thyroid disease on my moms side. I also showed antibodies in the TPO test. Are they connected. My doctor has not called me yet, so I was trying to understand the results myself.

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I think a little explanation is in order. :)

TSH is a hormone - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. It is produced by the pituitary, not the thyroid, and is secreted when the pituitary senses that thyroid hormone is low in the blood.

The thyroid produces, in the main, two hormone : T4 and T3. T4 is a storage hormone, and has to be converted to T3, the active hormone.

Having high TPO antibodies - I presume you mean that yours are high - means that you have Hashimoto's thyroiditis - aka autoimmune thyroiditis - where the immune system mistakenly identifies the thyroid as the enemy, and attacks it. (I'm simplifying all this to make it easier to understand.) In time, the antibodies will completely destroy the gland so that you will become entirely dependant on thyroid hormone replacement.

Your TSH tells us that your thyroid is already struggling to make enough hormone to make you well. But the TSH on it's own, does not tell the whole story. You should also have the FT4 and FT3 tested to get a more complete picture. However, the NHS will rarely do these, I'm afraid.

Having a hysterectomy can affect thyroid hormones, because all hormones are inter-linked, and when one is out of line, the others probably will be, too. May I ask why you had a hysterectomy? If it was due to heavy periods, or something like that, that could have had something to do with low thyroid hormone levels.

I don't know if your progesterone etc. are ok without some sort of range to go by, but if you still have your ovaries, you should still be producing hormones.


Hello, Thank you for putting this in terms I understand. I had a partial Hysterectomy , I still have one ovary. I had endometriosis. Painful periods and heavy bleeding for years. My doctor felt after trying different options , this would give me the relief I needed since nothing else worked, But he did leave one ovary. Do doctors start treatment for Hashimotos or do they wait til it becomes Hypothyroidism? I already am exhausted and having all kinds of unpleasant side effects.


But, he didn't try thyroid hormone, did he! Such a shame they don't know about the connection. I had the same. I had a hysterectomy when all they needed to have done was test my thyroid and start treatment.

It is recommended that they should start treatment straight away, to support the gland during antibody attacks. But, they rarely do. With a TSH of over 3, you are actually hypo, but a lot of doctors like to wait until the TSH is 10! (sadists!) So, it is impossible to predict what your doctor will decide to do. But, you could tell him that you would like to start thyroid hormone replacement now. And, if he starts going on about heart attacks and osteoporosis (all of it rubbish) just tell him you're prepared to take the risk. It is, after all, your body. You should have the final say in what happens to it.

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I would like to feel better again, so Im going to push it. My throat hurts everyday and I have weight gain, fatigue and muscle aches, along with memory loss and recently I have been getting blurry vision. Im not sure If the vision is part of it, but I just want to feel human again. Thank you for all your info.


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