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Have blue horizon test, do I carry on excluding gluten?

Hi, I'm having my blue horizon thyroid +15 test on Friday this week and wondering if I carry on eating gluten ? I have found that I have a lump in my throat , although going gluten free , my symptoms have lessened. I'm thinking I should re eat gluten to show up what's going on. What do you think?? Many thanks ( I've been diagnosed with ME and fibromyalgia but thinking I may have Hashimoto. )

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I personally wouldn't make any dietary changes until after the blood test. If you feel better not eating gluten then you have some sensitivity or intolerance to gluten. Why would you eat something which makes you feel worse? If you do have Hashimoto's then gluten-free diet may help reduce flares, symptoms and, eventually, antibodies.


I thought the tests were Monday to Thursday to prevent the blood lying in the post over the weekend, perhaps I'm mistaken?

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Oh my goodness!! Thank you, think you're right.


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