fed up feeling rubbish tired fatiqued weak and losing hair

ok old members may remember me being very ill in 2010, I am pretty damn sur ethat 2007 I had an adrenal crisis and was in hospital, what happened was horrendous and then again in 2010 sheer hell, I have recovered to a point in comparison to how very ill

I was for 2010 2011 2012 2013 which I think was a very bad adrenal crisis denied everywhere except from a neurologist I London who said itsounded like an addisons crisis, my cortisol was around 217nmol in 2011, and I was ver very ill for

those years until 2015 when I began to slowly improve, but I am still a wet weekend most days, I also had a positive lyme test from Germany, hair falls out regularly and eventually stops and sometimes grows back, but always thinner and finer and now

thinner and finer than ever, scalp is more than the hair! so back to a wooly hat indoors and out. tired ness and fatigue and nausea everymorning- doe s anyone else always feel so unwell in the mornings, I have a wrecked degenerative spine as

well as neuro probs,now I have been reluctantly given one injection of b12 every 3 months and was lucky to get that so I wont get any more--- I have 75 mcg t4 and 20mcg t3, the last thyroid test was around free t4-- at about 12nmol I think and fr t3 about 3.6nmol I have hashimotos.. any one think I should have more?

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  • Will the B12 injection every 3 months be sufficient? Sorry, don't know much about this but people do self inject.

  • no itisnot enough I don't think I am soooooooooooooooooo tired altho thatcould be all the other helth issues,and not brave enuf incase I hit a nerve or vein..

  • Is there any way to appeal against this 3 monthly rule?

  • I did writ eto the haemo doc who ichallenged to evenget it and she has ignored it and I do not want my one inject taken away so I have left it.

  • Save yourself the stress and just self-inject. Buy online (check out the PAS site for places), buy needles and syringes off Amazon. Trust me when I say that asking for more B12 is more or less like asking for a hit of heroin. Why they are such control freaks over a vitamin is scandalous.

    You inject into a muscle (arm or thigh). You suck up the plunger slowly. If it contains blood, then you fully withdraw the needle and try again in another place. You won't hit a nerve or one that matters anyway.

  • bombus love your name goes with your character ithink. xx I am a game old girl and have gone against the establishment an d argued the toss and fought tooth n nail and challenged the heirchary and complaine dto the top brass but I just haven't got the nerve to self iject.

  • :0)

    It does take some nerve. Your overriding impulse is not to hurt yourself with what looks like a javelin when you're aiming it at your arm.

    You need your B12 though. Could your sons or a good friend be trained up to do it? x

  • no no one would want to

  • Bummer :0(

  • I used to inject my son in his sleep and bought prefilled syringes from the US. They were really tiny, diabetic needles I believe. Are these available in the UK? I think they were practically painless as my son didn't even wake up.

    Failing that, this one is pretty powerful, my daughter's B12 shot up from 300 to 2000 over 3 months (oops):


  • welldone you

  • Sorry you're feeling so rubbish. How is your ferritin level?

    Have you tried the Circadian T3 Method?

  • brain doesn't absorb that info on circadium t3

  • The videos might help explain CT3M:

  • thankyoufor thinkingof me josis mum you are so kind, iam listening to this and losing the will to live I want to say just Get on with it Paul!

    paul worked with dr lowe I think and the rest of us find it very hard to work with a doctor and get what we want, easier said than done paul and the endocrine doctors ar e not helpful and they don't want to know about adrenals. I hav e his book and I find it hard to understand and read, you have akind heart josiees mum thnakyou for putting this on.

  • ohthi s is much better now he has got on the subject I will listen to this again and again til it sinks in thanks josise mum

  • I think you basically set your alarm for a couple of hours before you usually wake up and take a dose of T3, then go back to sleep. This is supposed to support your adrenals to produce cortisol.

  • iwillsee howthatgoes,I am awake half the night with head pressure been ther e since 2010 a mystery so far.

  • Worth checking ferritin or getting it retested as fatigue and hair loss are both symptoms of low iron.

  • yes will ask wedneday at doctors.

  • It seems to me that both ft3 and ft4 are woefully low. In fact it seems your ft3 is not even in range. Really need to see your ranges. I believe you need increasing meds. I hope someone comes along to wirh more knowledge than me.

  • wellmischa I thought the same esepecially with hasimotoes, I think I wii take the iodine again it improved the thyroid function before.

  • Bluepettals2 would you consider raising either the t4 or t3? You are very low.

  • yes I thought the s ame yes I thinki will do that.

  • If you do take iodine it's important to also take selenium, or make sure you're getting plenty of selenium through diet, eg with Brazil nuts.

  • oh yes thanks for reminding me,i amso forgetful these days its worrying

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