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Advice on reaction to t3 increase

Hi all-

My Dr. advised me to increase my t3 on Thursday. She wants me to do this per blood work, symptoms and a low body temperature. I'm going from 50mcg synthroid and 5 mcg liothyronine to same synthroid dose and 10 mcg liothyronine. I upped it yesterday and took the additional 5 mcg she recommended in the early afternoon ( she wants me dosed 2x day). Any way, I got pretty flushed and my right ear went red, I felt more fatigued and my muscles hurt all afternoon. Is this reaction normal? Has anyone else had this type of reaction? Will it go away?

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It probably will go away, but you could be kinder to yourself and start with only an extra half tablet until that wears off, and then go up to a whole one.

You are so very lucky to have a doctor that is going by symptoms and not just numbers (and faulty number interpretation at that!).


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