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Blood Test Germany


I'm a little worried and feel I don't really know what's going on with my Hypo.

I had a fasting blood test in June and diagnosed with Hypo. No copy of result. This was done at a GP's surgery in Germany.

I then decided to go to a Endo. Every blood test I've had with the Endo has been lunchtime or afternoon and NON FASTING. I had 1 in July and 1 just recently.

I'm worried that the blood testing isn't accurate, any advise please? Thank you 👍

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A blood result is simply a snapshot in time. It is always accurate. The advice to test early and fast (water only) is because TSH is highest early and drops after eating and drinking. For people who are symptomatic and their TSH is 'borderline' it may tip TSH over to a level where they get a diagnosis, and it may enable people to avoid a dose reduction as some GPs will reduce dose if TSH is low.

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Thank you clutter for that info, makes me feel better. My TSH is low , latest 0.087

Thanks 👍


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