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Gluten & Lactose free T3?

Hello, still quite new,

Just wondering if anyone had been able to source some gluten, dairy & lactose free T3? I would need it without prescription, I have seen that somewhere in USA do it (I'm in the UK) but can't seem to find where to actually buy it, if indeed you can. If anyone can PM me I would be very grateful.

Thank you very much :)

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Italian Liotir is a liquid liothyronine product - contains alcohol.

Doesn't help much but there are very few liothyronine products that are free of gluten, dairy and lactose.

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Thank you, do you know where I can find that?


Other than the even more unhelpful "in a pharmacy in Italy", I am afraid I really do not know of any sources.

There have been several posts here concerning Liotir and its availability. Have a search and see if you can find anything useful.


Hi in Morrison they do an isle were you can get bread brekfast cereals cake etc with a look my sister is celiac to also tesco right at the back a whole isle is dedicated to it also if you can't stand ya tea etc you can go to hut milk section walk past and you can get soya milk hope this helps


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