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Updated results - including Reverse T3


Hi - me again! Okay, so I've got my results and can see I've got Hashimoto's. (see my earlier post). On another support group, I was advised I could also do with raising my T3 levels. My reverse T3 levels are way off the scale! I guess I need to ask my doctor if he will help me further. What, in the opinion of my knowledgable friends on here, would be the best option to push for? NDT or adding T3 to my levo prescription? I'm currently on 250mcg levo per day.

Also, looks like I need supplements for B12, Vitamin D and Ferritin. What are the best ones to get? Will the doctor provide these? Should I be considering any other supplements?

I've heard that going gluten free is good for Hashi's - I'm reluctant to go there yet - would like to see how the T3 and supplements help first.

Attaching an updated copy of my results to include the reverse t3.

Any other advice?

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Can you do something with your picture to increase the contrast? Is it possible? I am struggling to read it.

If you look below your post there is a small square with a v in it. Click on that, select Edit, then you can make changes to your post,

If you can take a new picture of your results which increases the contrast (somehow) then replace your first picture that would be great.

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I know - the writing was so feint - I even had trouble when I printed it out. As a graphic designer, luckily I new how to fix it. The trouble is, I can't see how to add it to this thread, so I'll start another one! Thanks.

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You would have to delete the original picture via the Edit option I described earlier, then substitute a new picture the same way. Remember to save your changes.

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