GP advises 10.4 Ferritin is "fine" today see you in 3 months!!

Hi all .. saw my new GP today re very low iron levels. She advised 10.4 for Ferritin is fine as H.awniglobun is 134!! Not going to talk about supplements with GPS it's a waste of time. She did not even think I need Iron!! When I pointed out that THYROID UK was advising me to get Ferritin levels up to 70 at least to process new Levothroxine she reluctantly prescribed ferrous fumerate. Blood test for 3 months to check levels. hypothyroidism appears to be sooo misunderstood and ignored. I told her my renal doc has asked for repeat bloods in 3 weeks and 3 mths RE Levo. Did not appear interested. Hugs xx

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Hey there

My level was 20 and doc said that's fine. But since I think, (and rest of the Thyroid UK does too); hgher level of ferretin would be beneficial for the hypothyroidism situation, I am taking daily 100-200mg iron bisglycinate.

Hi Hachiko hope you are well.. exactly what I said to GP Thyroid UK are advising me re iron levels. Otherwise I would not even have given me iron tablets at all!!! She said twice "no 10.4 (12-291) is fine?!? " But as you say ...not fine when you have hypothyroidism. But this is the part they don't want to acknowledge! You are treTed by a lab result and not as a person. No wonder so many people in here get their own meds and lab tests, although they shouldn't have to. At least they are able to get their thyroid in good shape. Thanks Tcare xx

Thanks much! Wishing you wellness as well :) Many hugs!

The body needs iron for more than the red blood cells. The enzymes in the membranes of the mitochondria require iron. Mitochondria are the energy producers inside of cells in the body. So your hemoglobin is fine because the body triages and allocates whatever there is to the most important immediate survival requirements. Therefore your body knows it requires oxygen delivery to the brain and the tissues and waits for a better day for the rest.

I have no idea why doctors remain very unknowledgeable about hypothyridism, except getting the TSH anywhere in the 'range' and not diagnosing until the TSH is 10 (UK). You will find the following more than interesting, I believe:

My ferritin was 27 with severe hairfall and GP prescribed Ferrous fumarate 210mg one tablet/day. Last blood test -Haemoglobin is 139g/L (115-166). I take bluebonnet chelated iron without prescription.

My hairfall has reduced but no regrowth due to hypo thyroid. I have conversion T4-T3 problem. Endo refused to prescribe T3 ,I need to self medicate to improve my health. Many hypo patients suffer due to endo ;s don't understand symptoms.

Adding Vit C helps for Iron absorption.

If you do well with the ferrous fumarate you can get more without a prescription. I got given a prescription for 2 months worth by my doctor, and I knew I would not get more. But luckily for me the pharmacist said she would check whether it was cheaper without the prescription. That was how I found out I could just buy it. It was a red-letter day!

When you want to get more ferrous fumarate take an empty box with you to a pharmacy. It is one of those medications that can be sold without prescription at the pharmacist's discretion. Don't try to buy more than one or two boxes at a time. Boots usually insist on a prescription, but I've bought it with no problems from Lloyds and Tesco Pharmacies. Some people buy them online, although I never have.

Don't forget you must test iron levels regularly because too much is poisonous.

Hi Humanbean (great username) ... thank you very much for excellent advice and link to iron testing!! I will be sure to get levels checked. Having a very bad day with pain all over and breathless/ chest pain when moving about. Even fumarates making me nauseous!! Hope my stomach has not been damaged with nsaids. But fluid in face has been significant and ankles almost away.. 7 days on Levo. Ordered two books today re stop heartburn and thyroid madness.. look forward to looking after my own thyroid health!! Thanks for All info it's appreciated very much 😀😀

The instructions on taking the fumarate say it is best to take it on an empty stomach. I couldn't tolerate it like that and had to take it with food. Obviously this would reduce absorption but since we have to get iron into us somehow I did it anyway. I coped okay when taking FF with food.

There are other iron supplements available if you can't tolerate the FF, but they have a lower iron content.

Got mine from a reputable seller on ebay together with my jarrow b12.

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