T3 Leaving The System

December will make a year I have been on liquid T3. How long will it take to leave my system once I stop taking the hormone for good?

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  • T3 has a short half life. About 12 hours and will be completely gone.

  • Caesard,

    Only from the blood after 12 hours. It will still be in the cells. I should think there would be no T3 in Yosay's system 3-4 weeks after last dose.

  • Wonderful! Thanks for the clarification!

  • Correct, apologies for not being clear about it, I thought that was the question.


  • Thank U!

  • Yosay,

    Why are stopping T3? Thyroid rarely regains function. Taking T3 won't have repaired your thyroid.

  • I replied but I don't see my answer! My thyroid is fine now. I need extra T3 to resolve the edema problem I developed while on Methimazole years ago.

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