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At home test for coeliac disease?

Can anyone recommend one? I have hashimotos, and symptoms of coeliac, chronic constipation, abdominal pain after eating certain foods etc.

I'm considering an at home test for coeliac which if it's positive I'll ask my GP to test too.

I am pregnant, so don't know if that will affect results or diagnosis at all?

Reading online at coeliac uk, there's a higher chance of ceoliac if you have autoimmune thyroid disease.

I know going gluten free may help the hashimotos anyway, but will continue eating gluten until tests are done.

Bit overwhelmed at thought of going gluten free, as I seem to eat a lot of things that contain gluten!

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Home test on here - £23 inc p&p

Yes lots of us test negative for coeliac, but are still gluten intolerant.

Like you I was daunted at thought of going GF, but have found it so much easier than anticipated. But then I feel so very, very much better, it's easy to stick to.

Eating out is ok - most restaurants seem able to cope. The hardest is eating at friends or family....especially if they think it's just a fad and your being deliberately awkward. (Give them "Hashimoto's the root cause" by Isabella Wentz to read that might shut them up!!)


Thanks for the reply.

Do you think GP will test during pregnancy? I'm worried they'll say I need to wait until after the birth.

This isn't a pregnancy thing though I'm sure of that, I've had these symptoms for years, I've just never considered getting tested until recently, after doing my own research.


There is no reason at all why your GP can not test for coeliac when you are pregnant...and it is free!

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I myself had a gluten blood test,but I havnt got a clue what result means I'm just hoping yourself or others know EDomysial antibodies......


2u/ml 0-15u/ml

I do hope u understand as i havnt a clue

Many thanks.


If you have coeliac you would have raised edomysial antibodies. (I.e. Above the range 0-15)

Your result was 2 - so low - almost certainly not coeliac.

I have raised coeliac antibodies but no visible damaged villi in gut (camera looks for damage in endoscopy)

You can still be gluten intolerant. If you have Hashimoto's going gluten free may really help reduce symptoms


That's brill news thanks for your help SLOWDRAGON.😜


They probably wouldn't do an endoscopy with mild anaesthetic - and to be confirmed as definitely coeliac they usually want to do one - and you have to be still eating gluten to have that done

I had two coeliac blood tests - both negative & endoscopy about 5-6 weeks after giving up gluten, result was inconclusive. But because I couldn't walk, (due to gluten) gastroenterologist said I must not go back on it just for testing. I was told then that the blood test is only correct approx 60% of time.

Most of us with Hashimoto's have non-coeliac gluten intolerance anyway.

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I'm feeling more and more unwell, and am noticing a pattern emerging of the abdominal pain after eating wheat especially, I'll get the blood test and then go gluten free, I can't wait to have the biopsy I don't think, i don't want to put baby at risk if I continue on gluten for too long.

Thanks so much for replies, much appreciated.

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