T3 from the gym?

My friend is a member of a gym which is predominantly men lifting large weights, body building...that type of activity. Everyone is on some sort of supplement whether it be protein shakes, diet modifications, ephedrine, steroids ..... or T3. None of this is obtained illegally - all on a named patient basis through a variety of private GPs. It is rife!

I just thought I'd post this for forum members who don't know this as I think it is important to information share.

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  • There's a guy called Ray Peat who advocates that everyone should nibble on a T3 tablet all day.

    I make no comment!

  • So, are you suggesting we should all join a gym and lift weights to get T3? Do you know that body builders also take a supplement called T3 which has nothing to do with hormones?

  • Nope. Not at all.

    If people want to know which GPs will prescribe then people who frequent these gyms will have that knowledge.

    They may take supplements with the same name, BUT they take the SAME T3 that people on here are desperately searching.

  • OK, but it's probably a very expensive way of doing it.

  • Exactly. Why do they think they need the 'blessing' or 'permission' of a private GP? Frankly the GPs are taking a big risk and surely it can't be sufficiently lucrative to cover any legal costs.

  • I think it must be. That's why l thought it would be expensive.

  • Yes I noticed that body building sites advertise several T3-products for maximizing muscles and minimizing fat...I would not have them pills even if they offered `em for free.

    Maybe they´re OK but who would willingly take the risk?

    A friend of mine brought T3-pills from Thailand: they were plain white, nothing on them so she would not use them and threw them into a hazardous waste bin (in a local pharmacy). I think that was well done.

  • Personally, I would never take any cocktail of drugs to build muscle or lose fat for training purposes. Protein drinks, vitamins yeah sure, I'd be okay with that.

    But if I wanted T3 rather than to buy online from abroad then I would be much happier being pointed in the direction of a GP who would prescribe.

  • Helena877 If you can afford approximately £200 per month for a private prescription then perhaps that is best for you. But as most us can't afford do that even if we could find a GP willing to prescribe T3 and therefore buy from abroad, relying on other members to point us in the right direction.

  • I think I would be more comfortable to fork out the £200+ a month from my savings - I thought it was a lot more than this though? to begin with, but if I could get the same online from abroad then I would do so once I'd gotten into a routine of taking it (I need guidance as I'm hopeless with things like this).

    Even those who can afford to pay don't necessarily want to get ripped off.

    Don't get me started on the injustice of those who cannot afford to pay!!!!! That really gets me going

  • What if you saw a uk private GP for your first months prescription then buy from a reputable eu supplier?

    That's what I did. Then you'll get titration and maintenance dosing information etc and can then continue for £30 a month via eu pharmacies?

    This might be useful for others who aren't able to afford private docs etc.

  • MrsJim a you pm me your supplier I am about to go ad see a private GP so would e helpful to have supplier reomendation thanks

  • May I draw your attention to this recent post?


  • Thanks - yes I would be happier doing it the same route you have taken.

    I'm not confident to do it myself straight off and would need guidance. But yeah - no way would I pay 10x for anything!!

  • Where I used to work we had a gymnasium downstairs.

    At least three of the staff/owners went to gaol for offences connected to the death of one of their customers after supplying weight loss "medicine".

    Having followed that case, I wouldn't trust anything you can buy in the medicine line from a gym or anyone associated with a gym selling such things.

    The information that is important to share is, in my book, that anyone supplying T3 within the UK, other than as properly prescribed, is not trustworthy.

  • That is a dreadful story and good that they were held accountable for it.

    I am not suggesting anyone buys drugs illegally from gyms. All I am saying is that people massively into training, well a lot of them are on prescription medication from GPs who have prescribed it for reasons other than the norm.

  • Am struggling to think of any reason to prescribe T3 other than the norm - that is, thyroid issues and occasionally mental health. Certainly there are some uses under investigation (avoidance of blood reperfusion injury, research of some heart issues) but I cannot think of any that an ordinary doctor would prescribe for.

    So, are the doctors who prescribe really trustworthy? Or are they in effect selling their signatures?

  • The body building world is a lifestyle for many so if you get into it in a big way then ways of doing things are going to become the norm. T3 is taken to increase metabolic rate and burn fat. Take 'ephedrine' as an example. My friend got this on prescription because she put an argument forward that she needed more energy to train as she was lifting heavier weights. This was a good enough and legitimate reason for being prescribed it as far as her doctor was concerned.

    Just as it's the norm on here to enquire where you can buy T3 and NDT from...it's seen as "no big deal" for a lot of people who need the medication and have been let down by the medical profession.

    For anyone outside of these circles (and I include people on here with their own battles) it's a major big deal and seen as dodgy as hell to buy medication online, self-medicate or by-pass doctors. If you'd have asked me a month ago if I'd ever contemplate getting medication other than through medical channels I'd have said "No way".

    After being diagnosed and reading on here, lo and behold I think totally different because these matters are now very real for me. But my partner and family well they think it's insane and I've decided not to bring it up for a while now as I've got everyone seriously worried.

    It's okay judging others and their decisions, but when you find yourselves in their shoes, well it's a whole different ball game.

    The best decisions are informed decisions - educate yourself and know what options are out there if current medication doesn't work; you're faced with obstructive GPs; a supply of medication is ceased. Everybody has differing levels of what they are comfortable with and financial situations. We are all different ages on here, agree on certain things, differ on others. I think what is important is that we all try and stay as safe as possible and keep within the law and continue to be proactive when it comes to our health.

  • This is very true for many people who have severe hypothyroid issues, but their labs are within range. I can understand how they would go online to self-medicate, rather than continue to suffer.

  • I've read a few message boards on bodybuilding websites. I'm not interested in body building at all, but was fascinated with their use of T3/liothyronine. Some did complain that they 'permanently damaged' their thyroid. But, from what I remember, most slowly increased up to 100mcg per day, then slowly decreased back down to 0 over the course of 8 weeks (I think it was 8 weeks). My question is: how could they function?? Without a thyroid problem, and, therefore, not thyroid hormone resistant, didn't they feel awful??? If my T3 dose is off even just by 5 mcg total for the whole day, I have bad insomnia amongst other uncomfortable symptoms. Whether I take 5mcg too much or 5mcg too little, I feel awful and can't sleep to save my life. I can't imagine how they can take so much and function.

  • They seem to find the side effects to their "supplements" acceptable as long as they can build muscle or get them more defined for competition.

    Every now and then I look at stuff on doping in sport and it always leads back to body builders as they tend to have tried the drugs first.

  • Yes, I wonder this, too. Did any of them talk about what it felt like? I wonder if lifting weights 'uses up' a lot of the T3 so their symptoms are not like ours would be.

    But also, I've started to suspect that lots of people in general are fairly insensitive to the amount of thyroid hormone they take or have in their body. Considering how clueless so many GPs are, and that supposedly 80% of patients are just fine on that standard Levo treatment - which may be just having 50mcg or 100mcg shoved at you and no follow up testing.

    Although I also believe a lot of those patients are being bullied into calling themselves just fine, when actually their quality of life is fairly low.

  • When you are training 5/6 days a week and eating under 1000 kcals (women) and low carbs, you don't know what day it is, let alone how you feel. Bodybuilders have amazing willpower ...

  • Helena, a really interesting post and very thought provoking replies. I really enjoyed reading them.. love the variety of intelligent comments.....shows this site at its best. Thank you for posting

  • I'm an ex-competitive bodybuilder BTW

    1) It's illegal to supply prescription drugs if you aren't a doctor, although you can import for your own family's use.

    2) Some is obtained via private doctors and vets, but much of it (esp T3) comes from the same sources we use - not illegal until you give or sell to someone else in the gym

    3) Most of it is perfectly good stuff, but may be more expensive than if you imported it yourself unless the guy is importing in huge bulk (which is illegal or at least in a grey area)

  • T3 makes you loose weight. Not just fat you will loose muscle too. Metabolism goes fast and slow if you don't take correctly 4 times a day. Thats why doctors give you T4 not T3. Do not forget, maybe all we need is enough iodine. Not chemicals.

  • Sangiovese - you don't need to take T3 4 times a day. That is not the reason for doctors not prescribing it.

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