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New BH results - advice

I used to have pretty high FT4 (18+) and relatively low normal FT3 (4.7) and felt rubbish.

Last year, on T3 only, I had mid range FT4 and still low normal FT3 (3.9 - in 3.1 - 6.8). Increased T3 a little (just a quarter of a tablet) and now I have under range FT4, just about same FT3 as I had when I started (4.7 in 3.1-6.8) and, of course, under range TSH. But I do feel better than before - but still run out of steam quite often and need to sleep for 12 hours +.

Do I increase T3 a bit more? Give up and just sleep a lot, as It doesn't look as though I'll ever get FT3 up, or what? I'm sure Diogenes could tell me whether I am a good or poor converter or whatever, but I'm stuck.

Tests all at pretty much the same time of day, fasting, with 12+ hours since last T3 dose.

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Impossible to tell if you are a good or bad converter, when you're on T3 only. FT4 is bound to be low. The only number that counts is he FT3. You don't say how much T3 your taking, but either you need an increase, or you have an absorption problem.


Could be either, but my FT4 has dropped by around 5 with just a 6.25 increase in T3 and my FT3 only rose by less than 1. Thought I was a bad converter from my results on NDT, but perhaps it is absorption. Still I feel tons better.


Well, that's what counts. :)


Nothing to lose by trying another 6.25 increase imvho What dose are you on? Your t3 as you say is still quite low , surely no harm in trying 🙂

Linda x


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