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Can't source NDT

Hello everyone.

I'm coming to the end of my 1000 tabs tub of Thiroyd by greater pharma which I bought from a seller <online>.

I've been searching for it on <online> over the last couple of month and it's not listed anymore. I know it usually get taken down but then usually relisted by a new seller but it's really been a while since I last saw it.

Can anyone PM me with a source that's not ridiculously priced? I think I paid around £30 for 1000 and all the over seas sellers want between £60&£70...


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I'll send you a PM.


<pharmacy link>

no prescription needed. I didn't order in the end cos I got a script but they were very good contact wise

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When did you last look on this website. I bought another tub about six weeks ago. It did take some finding but it is there. I have three tubs to last me till 2019. Hope you find it


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