Guys could someone help me please, my endo just called and said if my T3 was over range which it has been made last one was 9.17 3.1-6.8 that was my blue horizon one done in August that she wont be able to prescribe me T3, she wants me to take another blood test tomorrow should take no T3 today which is to late because I've already took it oops or is it OK I've also lowered my levo from 100/ 75 to 75 feeling very tied tho 🐶

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  • Mydogdaisy,

    Did you reduce T3 dose after the high result in August?

  • I don't think I did, I reduced my levo because they said I had too much in my system but doctors told me to stay on the same dose of t3 till I'd seen the Endo should I reduce now and take the test on Monday? THANKYOU clutter I'm worried now 🐶

  • Mydogdaisy1,

    If you reduced Levothyroxine FT4 and FT3 will both have reduced but it's anyone's guess whether FT3 will have dropped sufficiently to be within range. How much T3 do you take?

  • I take 37.5mg now I think at one point I was taken 57 but reduced because you someone on here forum said it was way too much if I leave the blood test till Monday and lower my dose of t3 may that help? Thankyou again Clutter 🐶

  • If you defer the blood test till Monday and reduce your T3 from tomorrow - which you suggest (which test should be the very earliest possible time) it should work in your favour.

  • Thankyou Shawn I will do that 🐶

  • With previous tests, did you take your T3 before the test, or leave a 12 hour gap?

    I really don't understand the logic of these endos. If something is too high, you just lower the dose, you don't stop it altogether!

  • Thanks Grey goose I leave 12 after T3 but my t3 are 25mg the Endos are 20mg🐶

  • Well, I don't see what difference that makes.

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