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Advice from Drs Appt - T3

So I'm back from the appointment with my GP. I asked what he thought about the endos advice, my latest blood tests and about getting T3 prescribed.

First of all he said that as my TSH had gone up from 3 to 6and yet my T3 figure was at top of range, it meant I needed T4. What do you think.? He said it would be nothing to do with pituitary.

Re being prescribed T3 he would ask if he's allowed to. It would be either a straight Yes or No. I mentioned the wonky D1o2 genes I have which might support the need to prescribe and he said that was the only reason he was asking. He wouldn't do otherwise.

Did I deal with it ok? Was there anymore I could have done?

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What is your FT4 & FT3 report with ref ranges?.


Did endo not write back and say to prescribe T3? If so doc should just give you the script? My endo said if I'd any trouble with doctor to let him know, as he's specially qualified and the g.p. Is - generally trained 🌂

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Yes the endo did write to the GP. He seemed reluctant to agree. My FT3 level was 6.4 (4,2 to 6.9) . My ft4 was 7 ( 8 to 22) but as I explained to him, I don't take T4 but my TSH had gone up to 6 (0.3 to 4.8)


if g.p. Won't give you the script, i would ring endo's secretary and get him to contact g.p. ( endo knows best)


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