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Test results

Hi I posted on here a few weeks back and I have some results. Can someone please tell me what these mean. T4 12.2, TSH 5.37, antibodies 1051. My doctor said he cannot treat me with meds as my thyroid is level 7 and he cannot offer medication till its level 10 so he is sending me to see an Endo. The NHS told me there is an 18 week wait. Been feeling very poorly lately and not sure if its worth paying private.

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ChrissyS1 Do you have the reference ranges for those results? Without them it's only guesswork but TSH could be over range, FT4 is probably within range but it's not possible to know quite how low it is as some ranges start at 7, some 10, some 12.

And what is this 'thyroid is level 7'? It's usually TSH has to be 10 before they treat so as you've said your TSH is 5.37 it's confusing.

Antibodies are definitely high which indicates autoimmune thyroid disease aka Hashimoto's. In which case, regardless of your TSH being 5.37 (or whatever the 7 is) you should be given Levo.

Hashimoto's isn't treated, it's the resulting hypothyroidism that's treated. The antibody attacks will eventually destroy your thyroid and you will develop full blown hypothyroidism.

Dr Toft (ex president of British Thyroid Association and leading endocrinologist) wrote an article in Pulse Online magazine which says that if antibodies present then patients should be prescribed levothyroxine to nip things in the bud. Email and ask for a copy which you can then show to your doctor.

You should arm yourself with information about Hashi's because doctors and endos rarely give it any importance. Here's some reading to start you off:

You can help yourself reduce the antibody attacks by adopting a strict gluten free diet. Gluten contains gliadin (a protein) which is thought to trigger autoimmune attacks so eliminating gluten can help reduce these attacks.

Many members have found this helps enormously. Also it helps reduce the attacks if you supplement with selenium.

If you want to go private email Louise (email address above) who has a list of thyroid friendly endos.


I don't know what the ranges are but my doctors receptionist said she has printed something out for me to collect tomorrow. To be honest I have no clue what any of these results mean but thank you for your links. Is there a link between high antibodies and suffering with anxiety at all.


There is a link between being hypothyroid and suffering with anxiety.


That's the most shocking thing that the guidelines by the BTA say not to prescribe till the TSH is 10. Some people never reach that point and have so many disabling symptoms and are given other medications for the symptoms and not the thyroid hormones desperately needed.

That's why some people source their own and no wonder.


In most other countries they don't make you wait until TSH is 10. Some treat at TSH>3. Many doctors in the UK will treat once the THS is over range (yours must be close to the top of the range, but the ranges vary so I can't be sure). Making people wait until their TSH is 10 is just sadistic. However it is normal for doctors to make you wait until you have two over range test results 3 months apart because some infections cause a raised TSH.

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