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Recent results

Hi all, appreciate your thoughts on my results. I am currently taking 2 grains of NDT and have been for the last 6 -7 weeks. I have felt really good up to last week, and then on thurs started feeling a bit shaky. And have a slightly higher bpm than normal, usually about 60 now about 80+. Quite stressed at work though so it could be that.

Looking forwards to hearing from you



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CBann I don't take NDT so am no expert, and have just commented on another member's post about NDT. From what I've read when you've reached 1 grain (usually 3 weeks from starting NDT) then you should add another half a grain then stay on that dose for 3 weeks as long as you don't experience symptoms like palpitations or shaking, etc. Apparently, if you do experience those symptoms you should not take NDT for 24 hours to get the T3 out of your system as this is probably what's causing it, then restart the NDT at the previous dose. So perhaps you can try that, leave off for 24 hours then restart at 1.5 grains.

Just my thoughts from my reading, I'm not medically trained.

Thanks SeasideSusie,

Thing is I was already taking more T3 than I am now but on the synthetic version a with no real issue just no major improvement. So I'm not sure it's that.


I don't really know enough, but as NDT contains T1, T2 and calcitonin as well as T3 and T4 perhaps that has something to do with it. Hopefully someone with experience of NDT will comment.

Have you tried increasing the dose? Your FT3 is very low.

Hi greygoose,

Before I even started NDT and T3 (7 weeks ago) my result was 3.6, so I am a little surprised by these results. Do you think maybe I would be better splitting my dose rather than an increase bearing in mind i feel bit shaky in the mornings? I could maybe split and take an extra half in addition as the T4 is pretty low too?



I can't see how splitting the dose is going to raise the FT3. When do you usually take your NDT? Have you tried taking it at night? That might stop you feeling shaky in the morning. But, then again, it might be low cortisol making you feel shaky. In which case taking it at night would be the best, so that you can have a high protein breakfast as soon as you get up.

The low FT4 is of no importance. When you are taking any form of T3 with T4, the body only hangs on to a certain amount because it doesn't need it. The only important reading is the FT3, and that is too low. You need an increase in dose.

I suppose I just thought that my FT3 reading might be low because I take my dose in the morning. And hadn't had taken my pills before the blood test therefore it had run down. I split my dose previously and never got the shaky feeling. I'm not keen on taking meds at night in case it stops me from sleeping.

Well, you shouldn't take your T3 before a test. You should leave a 12 hour gap between your last dose and the blood draw.

Most people find that taking their 'meds' at night makes them sleep better. I've recently done a little experiment. I forgot to take my 75 mcg T3 only one night before bed. So, I took it the next morning. I felt quite good that day. So, I thought, I'll try taking it in the morning for the length of this new packet of T3 - 10 days - see what happens. Well, the next day I didn't feel so good, and I wasn't sleeping so well, and I started feeling bloated in the morning when I got up... Last night, I went back to taking it at night, slept like a baby and woke up feeling well and refreshed this morning. I will not go back to morning dosing ever again! lol

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