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I decided to write a new pot about this as I am not sure people have seen the results I posted on my last post. Everything is noreal according to the ranges but actually it could be hypothyroidism and hashimoto. If anyone has some good evidence based refreshes that prove my levels are not normal please let me know. The TSH has increased from 2.1 to 3.9 so a bit worrying.

TSH 3.91 (0.27 - 4.2)

Total T4 102.8 (64.5 - 142)

FT4 16.52 ( 12 - 22 )

FT3 5.52 (3.1 - 6.8)

Antithyroidperoxidase 12.6 (<34)

Antythyroglobulin 14.1 (<115 )

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  • Stupid phone: *post *normal *references

  • sleepypuss It's not Hashimoto's (not at the moment for diagnosis), not with those levels of antibodies. Antibodies would have to be above 34 for TPO and above 115 for TG. But, of course, that is just one test. Positive antibodies will confirm Hashi's, but one low result for antibodies like that don't rule it out completely. You could repeat the test at some time and the antibodies could be high, as the nature of Hashi's is the antibodies fluctuate.

    Your thyroid is struggling with a TSH of 3.91, your FT4 is less than mid range although your FT3 isn't that bad. Unfortunately I doubt if you could get a diagmosis with those results.

  • I think I should keep an eye on ky Tsh and have it retested. How long should I wait before asking for a retest.

  • sleepypuss To try and catch the antibodies when they are attacking you'd need to get tested when you are feeling worse, symptom wise.

    To try and get a diagnosis on TSH alone, I believe the NICE guidelines say to wait until it reaches 10, although some doctors will start a trial of Levo when TSH goes over range, FT4 is low or under range, and the patient has obvious symptoms.

    Those doctors who take a wait and see approach usually leave it 3-6 months before retesting.

    Of course, there is the option of self-testing through Blue Horizon but cheapest one that includes antibodies, without the vitamin and mineral tests, is the Thyroid Plus Six and it is £69.

  • If they have not been done ......Suggest you ask GP to check levels of vitamin d, b12, folate and ferratin. These all need to at good (not just average) levels for thyroid hormones (our own or replacement ones) to work in our cells

    Make sure you get the actual figures from tests (including ranges - figures in brackets). You are entitled to copies of your own results. Some surgeries make nominal charge for printing out.

    IBS, leaky gut, gluten and or low stomach acid can be cause of low nutrients, leading to hypo symptoms. Low B12 symptoms very similar to low thyroid.

  • Been done and I am on vit D(500iu), B12 injections (8 weekly plus self injecting), folic acid (5mg). I was on ferrous fumarate then stopped it but felt I'll so went back on it again for a while.I am not on iron now. New gp refuses to retest my ferritin.

  • Not enough vit D, it needs to be in the thousands.

  • I meant 5000iu

  • Get your vitamin D retested. I agree with cinnamon girl - you probably need higher dose - I took 6000iu for 6 months to get from low D (was 32) now up to 99 . Now slowly reducing dose, currently on 5000iu & retesting to see if stays level or starts dropping.

    Recommended we take good quality vitamin B complex when supplementing B12. Jarrows or Thorne are popular choice.

    Why are you on B12 injections? If you have PA this is autoimmune. Going gluten free may help

  • I am seeing doc today but not sure if they will retest as I have been told to stop seeking answers and change my attitude then I will feel better..

  • Get them done privately - most of us have to

    Blue Horizon do ful panel - £99 Thyroid plus eleven

    Or just vitamin D is £28 from City Assay - NHS B'ham postal blood test service

    If you read my profile you'll see 17 years terrible care. Now radically improved since getting all my own blood tests, gluten free diet and treating my vitamin deficiencies. Could not have managed without all the help on here.

  • These thyroid tests were through blue horizon because they refused to do more than TSH. The refusal to understand how ill someone feels is appalling. There is far to much reliance on numbers on a screen and holistic care does not exist with much of the medical profession. For 45 years my mother's illness was considered psychological until they discovered she had actually had congenital chronic pancreatitis. I am considering seeking a functional medicine specialist.

  • I am gluten free. B12 deficiency but not pa according to docs. This is the issue they say my symptoms are not due to b12 def but resist seeking other conditions.

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