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Feedback Dr Bernard Willis? Or other suggestions?

Hi, I'm new here. I'm one of the many, many people here in the uk who feel quite unwell but keep being told my thyroid tests are normal. I've had had anti bodies approx 2 years ago (gp won't test again). My TSH was 2.3 and Free T4 12 in June this year. I have had auto immune symptoms for nearly 3 years and they are moving more and more towards thyroid it feels. I'm taking things into my own hands and trying to find a supportive doctor who works with a functional approach. I came across Dr Bernard Willis on the list from thyroid uk but wondered if anyone has any feedback. I live in Edinburgh; Scotland and am willing to travel as it seems I have no choice. Any other feedback of other names/positive experiences would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hi was very interested when you mentioned Dr Willis!! we live in Spain and he used to be my doctor! but he emigrated a few years ago, think he went to Canada. Sorry can't advise on your symptoms , I am hypo myself and am learning a lot from this site, my doctor here in Spain says I have normal levels but according to lots on here I have'nt!! Sorry I can't be of any help.


Hi, I think he moved to New Zealand and is now in the UK.


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