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ever had a light bulb moment? when its too late?

I was thinking this morning about my crap health and all the referrals and non or nearly had' diagnosis but no actual diagnosis even tho I have been so ill. I am a tough old bird and been thru a lot a heck of a lot trauma in my life, with a dreadful marriage, sons

being ill, finance, nearly homeless, kids suffering, I could go on there is much much morebut all thru this I battled on,---- right-- I eventually got very very ill-- and spent thousand s that I didn't have on credit cards desperate for answers.

i was in hospital in 2007 aftercollapsing in high street and then collapsed again in the hospital, but before i was admitted i was in the high street and my gp round the corner, i do not recall how i hgot there but i fell on her floor, the room spun and i saw white noise boy did i feel ill, my whole body was shaking and she shouted--

don't faint in here we cant cope with it you are feelin g ill because eyou are not taking your antidepresants ---- i was given a glass of water and sent home by taxi.

the taxi driver said that surgery is rubbish.. a couple of days later i was admittd in hosptail, after picked up by ambulance in high street. the consultant i saw took a load of questions and said your body is totally burned out, it cant cope with anything else-- well that is adrenal burnout but he didn't document it!--- why????

thatnightin hospital i wa s vominting for England which is the final sign of adrenal malfunction... i felt so terribly ill, i didn t have the strength to sit up or hold a teaspoon, but i was put ina wheel cchair after a week and sent down to the psychiatrist!--- all my symptoms of what i had been suffering were acute addisons

crisis- no one thought to do a cortisol test- i had no diagnosis except on my hospital form it wa s Adrenaline problems and nothing else. except a VIRUS, well adrenaline kicks in when cortisol is non existant to save a life.

i was discharged aftera week with a diagnosis of a VIRUS--- i never really recoverd and in 2010 my body went haywire, nervous syetm was like an electric circuit gone wrong- throbbingdown spine and in limbs, hot at night and drenched in sweat- felt faint lost a stone in weeks, couldn't eat heartbeat shot up 120 beats a minute dzzy , all symptoms of acute addisons again..

isaw a prof of neuro endocrine who didn't listen and said i wa ssuffering chronic depression and i couldn't have any treatmen til i saw a psychiatrist, my friend had to

half carry me home from London on train, i was so ill i had to live withmyfriend for 6 weeks, myhomeopath tried to help, it was worse than 2007-- i wrote death notes telling the boys how much i loved them and where to cancel direct debits etc, out for my boys,- i shook from head to foot and didn't know who i was or where i was , i felt like i was slowly dying a painful death, i felt like i ws being poisoned, another friend wa s goingto drive me to dr skinner but my shit doctor cancelled the appt she said he

wasn't an endo-- i bet they are all glad he is dead now rest his beautiful soul!

adrenaline was rife, i couldn't stop shaking, my son said he felt the tremors when he put his arms round me,, i had a bad time, 2010 to 2015, i am still not right not bya

longshot but those first 3 years were hell, i spent thousands and each time i went somewhere i took the previosu consultant letters.. to HELP i thought-- the only one

who had touched on what happened was a neuro from London who listened to my story and said - those episodes you describe are those of an addisons crisis!

i was gobsmacked iasked him to writ e that down on a reprt, - he said hecouldn tas he wasn't an endocrine and had to democratically writei n cinic letter -- i don't know how well her adrenals have been investigated!...... i though t i had struck gold- he also said he

thought i had pots, tha t is an endocrine disorder at the end of the day as everything is haywire-but hey- there specific tests for blood pressre and i wasn't tested properly on two accounts- the first one under that doctor he said, yes i think you have pots by this blood pressure result-- ordered more tests an dtilt table an d that showed up

severe blood pooling and vasodepressor autonmonic mediated sycnopy, but my blood pressure wasn tdone correctly.

i wrot eto the doctor and hegot me back and they still didn't do it properly-- so instead of my heart beats leapingup to 30 beats a minute as i stand, i wa s not allowed to stand the full 10mins so the hearts beats went to 26, so NO DIAGNOSIS,

so again the clinic nurse said to me- it is psychosomatic- i said HOW DARE you say that, you have no idea what i have suffered these last 3 years that wa s2013-- but it went on til 2015 and I am still throbbing everywhere an d tingling and body l ike concrete etc etc, I wonder if I willever be right, -I take clincic reports to the next consultant and now thinking-- i should NOT

have done that-- i think they read them and do not want to actually give a diagnosis a s the previous one hasn't said the right thing-- so 'stick together chaps... sh e is just a mental case-- i would say, to everything think befor eyou take your previous clinic letters to ' help' them out it doesn't work...--- don't take the previous clinic letters. hope you can read the words cant be arsed to go and correct them.. and looking at old reports i have just seen a referral to the bladder clinic in 2007 with a list of my other conditions---

with the dates on there. including 1996 NEUROTIC DISORDER!

what bloody cheek--- this time iwa sgoing thru a bad time at home with ex, had been awfu l trauma for years but also my mum died. and i have that detrimental crp put onmy records...

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(((Hugs))) bluepettals2, Doctors live in their own comfortable world and do not want it rocked.


Oh my. Oh my x100. I am speechless. You have been mistreated so big time.

I find it funny in sad way that something like Addison's is so poorly known/ understood. I assume years ago people were diagnosed mentally ill the same way they have tried to do to you and that is still taught at medical school!!!

Of course it can't be physical, it has to be mental as we just are lunatics. Period.

I have read similar stories than yours and even of people who have been diagnosed Addison's. They are crawling to ER and no one knows how to treat Addison's even though you have proper diagnosis in your papers. Doctors seems to be so stupid they just can seek info.

Other condition that is poorly recognised is blood poisoning. I had it but was sent home with random antibiotics and told nothing. Not even the very very high CRP was good evidence enough I might be ill. Sigh.

If I could I would hug you so tight. You are so strong minded and mentally very stable as you have still not given up!


bless you that is so kind yes my mind is perfect. body isn't and I am still disgusted a n d blood poisoning so dangerous I wonderwhat they re taught in medical school. its a rip off


Massive hugs to you what you have been through is beyond words.

Dotti xx


hi dotti thatis only a fraction of it and hugs to you to x


You poor thing. :( {{{hugs}}}

I find it hard to believe we live in the 21st Century and are supposedly an advanced society. :(


jad-- I agree hugs to you too


(((Hugs))) lovely Pets. Xxxx


hugs lovelyradd x

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I'm so sorry, BP, that is just so disgusting it defies believe! Unfortunately, we hear so many stories of incompetence and lying, like that. You wonder how these morons can look at themselves in the mirror. Are you being properly treated now?

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yes grey and that story is a fraction of the last 6 years... and I expect manyof here have same sort of dreadful treatment wellgrey the clinic letters and reports are done now and they wont be changed , they remain as they are ---lies...x


Yes, I think most of us here have our own bad stories, but perhaps not quite so tragic as yours - I would even go so far as to say criminal! Utter negligence!


I wouldexpect there are awfulstories grey justthat we haven't heard of them, I have newspaper cutting here of a woman who had UTI's all the time- I geta lot as well,last years 4months and I was getting worried, this woman last week in express paper- had antbiotics and it never

cleared up, in the end she was told she needed a psychiatrist and the psychaistrist said to her--- you have regressed as you want to be a baby!---- she had a bloody UTI for heavnes sake, then she found a

prof inlondon who specliised in urinary and is recovering after 4 YEARS!!! here it is and told it was all in her head..


I am very anti psychiatry. Some of the stupid things they come out with just begger belief! The one I was tricked into seeing told me that l had crippling pain in my hip because my children had all left home and l didn't know what to do with my life! This man had been talking to me for about five minutes before coming out with that little gem, and had absolutely no idea what l was doing with my life. I told him that if he really believed that, he needed a psychiatrist more than l did!


well done you--- there are good and bad everywhere and some have even said-- your problem is you nee dt3! I seen that in print- little rare gems.


Yes, I've seen that too. But most of them - from what I've heard - are so far up their own backsides that they don't even see the patient sitting in front of them.

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Agree, psychiatrists more "daft" than the patients they are paid - no doubt paid a lot - to help. Won't even think of the word CURE lol

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Have you tried a naturopath, they will give you a long time, and are good at fitting it all together. It could be a vitamin/ mineral shortage at the root of the problem, are you eating well. Like me you have an awful lot of stress and that can deplete magnesium etc. I lost my Dad, husband walked out etc etc. I felt really bad but couldn't put my finger on it and all the doctors said that it was stress, have an anti-depressant. I first went to a doctor/nutritionist who did blood tests and found I had really low magnesium and zinc and said my thyroid dose was wrong. I then went to a naturopathic endo who said it was partly adrenal fatigue so sorted that out and now after trial and error with supplements and symptoms and walks every day I can now say that I am the best I have been for many many years. I have also switched to NDT, take supplements for my thyroid, try and stay off gluten, stay off sugar which was giving me symptoms, I have learnt to stress dose my thyroid, breath better and I take magnesium and melatonin with a drop of lavender oil on my pillow at night along with some cheese and I sleep like a baby now. Its not neurosis its anxiety over your symptoms which in itself causes stress, its a vicious cycle. You have to research yourself. What about Chinese medicine? My daughter had psoriasis, doctor was hopeless but the doctor at the Chinese clinic, actually Australian who studied Chinese Medicine gave her herbs and it vanished within a few days, amazing stuff, and it hasn't come back. I think you need a different approach and tactic, think out of the box. All your conditions are probably linked, its like thyroid, lots of conditions but my doctor didn't link them together into one condition!

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dramllouis, I couldn't agree more- one thing- I struggle to read block posts so if you post a long one again could you split it up into 4 lines blocks that is easier then- anyway I am so glad you

have had results because I too believe in alternative and have said so on here, but I have been

lambasted for saying so from some posters, however, it pays to think outside the box, in fact it has reminded me to get out my minerals I am so depressed at looking at my disappearing tiny miniturising hair follicles, the little bit of hair left is like candy floss,

minerals are vital, and yes finding a good Chinese herbalist , I am on a mission now I want my flipping hair back.. I always think what cause thyroid adrenal to go wrong in th e first place- every thing has a root cause..... keep well.


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