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Anyone got any thoughts on these results please?

Had my blood done yesterday drank only water nothing to eat and no thyroxine the night before as I usually do. Endo's secretary most helpful and sorted out results this morning T4 15 - range 9-20 TSH 0.64 range 0.35. 4.94 FreeT3 - 3.4 range 2.4 - 5.7

I had been feeling very achy sick palpitations and hot sweats.

Couldn't get B12 or Vit d tested endo only prepared to test thyroid. I am Vit d deficient and B 12 which I am supplementing, endo suggests I go to my GP as results don't show thyroid problem.

Thought I might be getting somewhere with this endo as when I saw him in September he said he would prescribe T3 when he next saw me in 6 months time obviously this result doesn't make him think it's the answer.

What should I do now anyone got any thoughts.

Many thanks 🤒🤒

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I am not medically qualified but I'd think Endo has gone by your TSH alone. He has ignored your low T4 and Low FT3 (they are in range). He has also said:-

suggests I go to my GP as results don't show thyroid problem.

So, he's passing the buck in that he has judged on your blood tests alone and not any clinical symptoms which he is (among many doctors) ignoring.

I believe you need an increase in dose bearing in mind I'm not medically qualified but have gone through the mill too but have come out the other end by going it alone as have many others on this forum. The following is a link for info. It is by a doctor who wouldn't follow the 'new' method of treating patients, i.e. on the TSH alone. He only took a blood test for the initial consultation and then the emphasis was on ridding the patient of clinical symptoms by NDT or T3 only. T3 was used for thyroid hormone resistant patients.


Thank you for your reply I'm very dissapointed with this endos response to blood results after saying he would treat with t3 he has back tracked but hey what's new!

Many thanks to you I will read and digest info 🤒🤒


Just re read your reply and you say I would benefit from an increase in dose. Do you mean the t4 Levo? 🤔🤔


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