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After asking for my Vitamin D2 and D3 to be tested, the little line on the GP's screen said "see printed copy for result". He said "It's all normal", but when I asked him to look at the report, it indicated "may be inadequate", and I would never have known this without pressing him. Also, my B12 and folate are low in range, but no advice there, either, except "normal no action". I showed him the supplements I wished to take, and was literally met with a shrug of the shoulders, and "You can take them if you want". I asked if it was ok to take the B12 with a B-Complex to aid absorption (as I'm not sure if I've got that right). He said I shouldn't bother, and advised I use one bottle up and then start on the other.

I wonder how much it costs the NHS every year for all these expensive tests? :/

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  • Hi Jannie1957

    Just as well you are on the ball ..yeah what's the point of it all!! Is scandalous all these blood tests and saying they are normal no matter what result is given from lab. X

  • Does the NHS even train GPs regarding the importance of Vitamins? Why are some reference ranges so huge (e.g. B12 range of between 145 and 910). I felt awful at 278, but was classed as "normal". When asking for advice, the young girl in Holland and Barrett was more use than my GP! (And this site even more so, needless to say!) Doesn't give you much confidence in the NHS, does it?

    What happens when we ask for printed copies of our test results, and ask the GP informed questions? They don't like it (or at least mine gave me that impression)! Yet we are all expected to take responsibility for our own health when it comes to diet and lifestyle choices. They can't have it both ways!

  • Hi Jannie

    Exactly!!! I am dreading asking for a print out of my results! My surgery went s step further and issued a warning that I will be unregistered if I continue to write letters to my GP, despite it takes 5 weeks to see her. 😳

  • I have asked to be able to access mine online. It hasn't happened yet, but I am working on it! ;)

  • That's impossible! You are entitled to you blood results by law! I have compiled a list on a excel sheet that my Dr is going to balk at when I take them to him next week *snigger* :D

  • Hi birdhorl

    "Balk" lol lol!!!!! 😂😂

  • "*snigger*"! LOL! I can already see his eyes glazing over! Or, just maybe, he will be impressed that you are taking responsibility for your own health? Go Bird-Girl! Let us know how you get on. x

  • Hi Birdgirl

    Went into surgery today and asked for a printout of last few blood tests.. told it would be 40 days under the "access to records data" and which consultant wants them. Said I want them. Charge was £10.00 but I did not have ID on me!! Going to write to lab instead. Found out Ferritin is 10.4 which is very low indeed and apparently is 1.34 which must be a mistake as nowhere near the reference range. Seeing a consultant on Thurs re breathlessness. What a situation. Feel tired and dizzy and chest discomfort for weeks. Hope you are feeling ok? Xx

  • Exhausted124 - worth phoning the Practice Manager to find out their charges ie how much per sheet. Don't just accept being told £10, often Receptionists simply aren't given the correct information.

  • They should be able to give you those details without having to pay - unless you say to them ok I will pay a one off £10 and then I can have access to my bloods every time :P or if you are benefit show them your benefit letter!

    Not feeling to bad thanks - its just the pain I am having difficulty with, I hope to see the Dr next Thursday as my Endo has written a lengthy letter to him apparently. What that means? Who knows :)

    Hope you get the real results you want and feel better soon x

  • Hi birdgirl

    Shame you are in pain. Hope Endo makes some good suggestions to your GP. If you pay £10 you could get a copy of the letter!! Take good care xx

  • Hi Birdgirl

    I have read that GP surgeries can charge up to £10. I am leaving this surgery. I am very breathless the past couple days. Seeing respiratory consultant tomorrow. But not Endo until 10th Nov I found out today. I so hope he will prescribe me medication for hypothyroidism. I was prescribed 50 mg Levo on 10th Oct by renal clinic but Endo who I haven't even met yet said no don't give to me in email to surgery. It's beyond a joke the way thyroid patients are ignored. Xx

  • To askb for your blood test results is does not constitute a full DPA request - a word with your local health authority wouldn't go amiss I think Exhausted124 ;)

  • Hi birdgirl.. should have said Haemoglobin 1.34 . A mistake?!? X

  • Oops! LOL! :D

  • Well, Exhausted124, maybe a different GP wouldn't be such a bad thing? ;)

  • Hi Jannie

    Yes!!! It's a national scandal that people are being treated badly because they want to get better!! Thanks Tcare 😀

  • You too love. x

  • Morning Jannie 1957

    I hope you are ok... I took the plunge and changed GP surgery yesterday.. hurrah!! Will also register my children there too. My hubby too!! My renal consultant had written to me yesterday recommending I be started on Thyroid medication. I will show this to my new doctor. Still to meet Endo who has advised secretary he will NOT treat me with medication before I even meet him!! My renal doctor stands by his sub-clinical hypo diagnosis. Will let you know how I get on. Take care xxxx

  • Good for you Exhaused124 ... ! Looks like you will have to wait until 10th Nov before you get thyro meds then? Hang on in there girl, at least you know help is just around the corner. It must be a relief for you! And let's hope you aren't expected to wait 5 weeks for a GP appointment at your new surgery, eh? It's 2 weeks where I am, and I thought that was bad enough! Take it easy, and let us know how you get on when you see the Endo. x

  • Morning Jannie

    New Endo has already said he will NOT treat me for thyroid as my results are within range grr. Hoping my new GP will take on board the letter from Renal clinic recommending treatment. Phew!! It's like the krypton factor trying to get help!!!! Have lovely day 👍👍😀😀

  • Hi Exhaused124,

    So the Endo has made his mind up before even meeting you??? I hope you get a good result with the new GP, and at least you have the Renal clinic letter. If new GP starts treatment, will you still go to see Endo?

    p.s. My Endo appointment has come through - 10th January. Hey-ho. And on we go...

  • As you may know from reading posts here on the forum - Docs have very little knowledge when it comes to nutrition/vitamins. If you were supplementing B12 - your results would have been skewed anyway - so save the NHS some dosh and refrain from testing whilst supplementing. B12 is water soluble so you cannot overdose. Which one are you taking ? I have just posted information about B12 and its various links to Guidleines etc in a new thread.

    The reason a B Complex is helpful - is to keep all the B's in balance. B12 also needs B9 as they work together in the body. Folic Acid is synthetic and Folate is natural - so the choice is yours when it comes to a B complex.

    VitD needs to be around 100 pmol/L and B12 around 1000. You are entitled to have copies of your blood test results so you can monitor your own progress.

    Normal is an opinion and NOT a result :-) We all want to hear the world normal - so usually that satisfies people - but not for those of us that want OPTIMAL results .....

  • Marz

    .... or especially those who are feeling very unwell, eh?

  • Marz

    Following advice on this site, I am taking Jarrow Methyl B12 (1000, just twice a day, as I had problems with 5000 in one tablet). Also Jarrow Formula B-Right, and Jarrow D3 5000. After 3 weeks, I am feeling a marked improvement, especially in the "brain fog" department! I am waiting for an Endo appointment, and will show him what I have been taking.

    I have been getting copies of my results (though have been getting an increasingly snotty attitude from the GP's Receptionist!) Wevs!

  • Hope all goes well with the Endo. From reading posts here I am hoping he is thyroid friendly - as many seem not to be. Also on Diet and Nutrition - I think they also missed the lecture at Med School :-)

  • Thank you Marz. Yes, I am "getting that" about Endo's, but am trying to keep an open mind. :) Watch this space :/

  • It is a nightmare isn't it? It makes me wonder actually if GP's are just there for a guide after all they are not a specialist but a "general" practitioner.

    Oh dont get me wrong, that doesn't mean they are off the hook....far from it!

    Its like I had a recent set of blood tests done and my ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate is the rate at which red blood cells sediment in a period of one hour. It is a common haematology test, and is a non-specific measure of inflammation) was 33mm/hr and the parameters are between 1 & 12. Apparently I am fine?

    Go figure :P

  • Beggars belief! :(

  • My ESR is 'fine' too at 38 Bird-Girl !

  • I am an insulin dependant diabetic @j_bee and when I was told I was out of control at 50mmol and I should be 48mmol I am going to say to the doctor when I see him next...."well I am just out of normal range...but ok" :P (rofl)

  • Hi I have been having the same problem with my blood test results but since joining the thyroid forum had loads of advice and been asking for copies of all my blood tests posted them only to be told lots were too low with me so if I was you I'd ring for print off as gps cannot be bothered well most of them good luck

  • The receptionists at my surgery are brilliant if you ask them face to face they will print them out there and then for me ;)

  • I didn't have a problem either I've had 3 lots now so at least when we got them we can get advice from these forums

  • Yes, I have asked on 3 different occasions for results to be printed off, the first 2 successfully. Receptionist was right shirty last week, as I made the mistake of not checking if the GP had seen the latest results first! That's fair enough, but how was I to know that was a rule, or that he hadn't looked at them yet? That's when I asked to be able to access them online in the future. She said she would set this up, but it hasn't happened yet, so now I will have to be brave and face her again. Grrrrr!

  • I know the feeling hate going there they've got the nack of making us feel like criminals and only asking for copies of what's ours but maybe when they know we ask the gps will take more time and look at the results properly good luck

  • The receptionists at my GP's practice are really good and will just print anything off. I think we can obtain online access but up to now have not needed it.

    As for being fobbed off my doctor's responses like "You don't need such and such" or "don't bother with that". My dad handles this brilliantly - asks them to "put it in writing for him, for his own records". They never want to do this unless they are 100% certain.

    Talk is cheap. Anything important in life needs to be in writing, signed and dated!!

  • Hello Jannie1957,,,,some gp's seem to be getting lazy when it comes to reporting back test results,,,,,the "normal" ranges are only best estimates of a range of other test results from others,,,what is 'normal' for one is not 'normal' for another,,,,the D group is something we all need for bones etc,,,and as the weather is now getting dull,,, extra help could well be a great help,,, low range is not normal,,as your body needs a bit of help from a supplement,,,,lazy gp.

    B group vitamins are best now overdosed on,,,as the excess can have side effects,,,,as the gp said,,,either or,,,maybe the B complex would be a good start,,as it would give you some of everything and some other foods with have a good supply of B,,,yoghurt is one,,,,

    I don't know the cost of tests,,,but if the results were better used,,,and better outcomes were achieved then maybe re-run tests may not be needed as frequently,,,,,take the dose recommended on the bottle and see how you feel if a week or two,,,,keep taking the best for yourself,,,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Thank you Karen. I have learned it is best to build up, slowly, with B Vits! I also read somewhere on HU they shouldn't be taken late in the day, as they can affect sleep. Maybe that is why I seem to be turning nocturnal! I take my D in the evening - I hope that's right!

    I got my test results today and was disappointed that GP hasn't bothered to even test my TSH! Just vitamin levels etc. <sigh> I will have to wait for my Endo appointment to come through, whenever that will be. And on we go...

    How are you doing?

  • Jannie1957,,,,patience is something we practise to keep ourselves sane,,,when all around us is total unbelievability,,,,,,keep the faith with our desires to do the best we can,,,,and get the best help for our conditions,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • I never except 'Normal,' as a result now. :)

    A TUK member recently said 'Normal' is an 'Opinion.' (not a result) :) :)

  • Bet it was the bossy old bird from Crete :-) x

  • Marz we need some bossy old bird from Crete to tell us the truth.xx

  • :) :) :) Trust you to pop up M, I had a feeling you might ;) :) :)

    'The Wise Old Owl from Crete' has a slightly better ring to it ? ;)

    Great words though M, words that make people stop and think, not forgetting your 'Famous Five' and also your

    'Low iron= Low oxygen= Breathlessness.' All actually sticks in my (2 second memory) brain. :)

    Many thanks.

  • 😊☺

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