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S-Cortisol blood test accuracy -what variables affect the result?

S-Cortisol blood test accuracy -what variables affect the result?

I am not questioning my test results: they may be very accurate and true.

I want to discuss the effects of situational variables. The test is taken only once and then judged by the doctor.

In my case, for example: I woke up at 6 a.m. on the testing day. I did not eat anything but I had my 25 mg pain med in order to reduce the morning stiffness. In my case the med was tramadol. Then I drove 36 km`s to the labroratory. Before that I walked my dog and gave her food and left her waiting for my return. The test was taken at 8:20 a.m.

I will discuss this with the doctor, of course. Before that I want to hear someone´s opinion. What (untracked) things might affect the test result?

I would like the test to be taken immediately when I wake up, but I know that is impossible. I know there is the saliva test but right now I cannot afford it. I have very dry mucuos membrane in my mouth and I need help for moisturizing my mouth (chewing gum ect.) -how will that affect the saliva test accuracy?

Thank u all reading this! I am suspecting AF despite of the good reading of cortisol. I have all the symptoms and I just need to check things. I think sometimes u have to even triple check in order to be sure.

I have been reading this and the other site and I am sure this question has been discussed earlier here, I just did not come across the discussion. I could spend hours reading HU if I had the stamina!

I tried cold water swimming today and it was not bad at adrenals seemed to take it well!

I re-posted this as I did not get any answers/opinions to my 1st post.

Kind regards,


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And ...

According to your profile, you do not have any unanswered posts.


Yes radd, thanks. I did have an unanswered post, but the maintenance people felt sorry for me and told me to post it again. So I deleted the old one and rewrote the post!

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