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Help on blood tests

Hi all, thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I took the Geneva Thyroid test because I'm suffering many hypothyroidism symptoms but it says that I am within range for all parameters. I was wondering if anyone here had any advice. The results are as follows:

Total T4 92 (58-161)

TSH 0.83 (0.4-4)

Free FT4 12.9 (11.5-22.7)

Free T3 5.6 (2.8-6.5)

FT4:FT3 Ratio 2.3 (2-4.5)

My GPS thinks my results are fine but I am low in iron and vitamin d (she wouldn't give me the numbers) but prescribed 2000mg of vitamin d and said she would monitor my iron levels.

Any advice?

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Thyroid levels are currently euthyroid and FT3 is very good. I would ask for a repeat test in 6-12 months to keep an eye on FT4 because if it drops below range FT3 will also drop.

Correcting low vitamin D will improve conversion of T4 to T3 and will improve your general well being.

Ask your GP receptionist for your iron results and ranges. The Data Protection Act entitles patients to their results. If necessary, write to the practice manager and say you are making a subject access request under the Data Protection Act for your iron results.


You really need to also check thyroid antibodies

There are two sorts TPO Ab and TG Ab. (Thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin) Both need checking, if either, or both are high this means autoimmune thyroid - called Hashimoto's the most common cause in UK of being hypo.

(NHS rarely checks TPO and almost never checks TG. NHS believes it is impossible to have negative TPO and raised TG. It's rare, but not impossible, there are a few members on here that have this.)

If you have Hashimoto's then you may find adopting 100% gluten free diet can help reduce symptoms, and lower antibodies too.

Also get B12 & folate levels checked

Make sure you get the actual figures from tests (including ranges - figures in brackets). You are entitled to copies of your own results. Some surgeries make nominal charge for printing out.

Alternatively you can now ask for online access to your own medical records. Though not all surgeries can do this yet, or may not have blood test results available yet online.

You do not need to have ANY obvious gut issues, to still have poor nutrient absorption or gluten intolerance

Best advice is to read as much as you can. Vitamin and minerals levels are very important, but standard NHS thinking, doesn't at the moment seem to recognise this.

You will see, time and time again on here lots of information and advice about importance of good levels of B12, folate, ferritin and vitamin D, leaky gut and gluten connection to autoimmune Hashimoto's (& Grave's) too.



Reminds me of some of my tests.

In early stages you can get symptoms as thyroid begins to struggle and you can be hypo or hyperthyroid.

Sounds like your GP is doing right thing by monitoring.



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