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MEDICHECKS - codes/offers

Hi, After advice from the lovely people on this site, I decided to go for the full Medichecks Thyroid Check UltraVit rT3 and use one of their clinics for the blood collection. I went online last night and noticed that the main test cost was reduced from £139 to £119 so went ahead, created a log-in and put the test in my 'basket'. I added the clinic cost and hard-copy test result cost and, in total it came to around £143. When I tried to check-out, it wouldn't let me and kept saying that there was an error on the payment site. After giving up last night, I logged in this morning to complete the transaction, only to find that my basket was empty and the offer price was no longer available. Not happy..... I know it's only £20, but at the moment I can ill-afford the cost of the test, let alone any extra - I'm just desperate for answers to my current pain.

Anyone know of any discount codes for MediChecks?


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Not sure about this I'm afraid.

Have you had a look at these companies:


Thyroid UK receives much needed funds when people order tests through them :)


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Many thanks. But I emailed Medichecks and told them the situation. They called me back and have said that they will honour the discounted price. So all set up and ordered.


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