Adrenal cocktail? What is anyone's experience ?

I was so excited to try it based on recommendation from STTM. I tried it this morning and boy did I feel a surge of energy. Not so sure I would want to try before sleep. I have those annoying 3 am awakenings which this is supposed to fix. Maybe the orange juice is too much sugar for me. Anybody switch it out for anything else?

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  • I make orange jelly, which is related, I suppose. Four teaspoons of proper pork gelatine from MM Ingredients (mail order supplier in the UK), allowed to "bloom" in half a cup of water. The stainless steel bowl I use fits over a pot, to act as a double-saucepan, and melt the jelly in a couple of minutes (could give it a gentle zap, in a glass bowl, in a microwave). Then add a cup of orange juice (not from concentrate) and another half cup of water (so the OJ ends up diluted 50:50). Add salt if you wish. I don't bother to chill it. The amino acids from the gelatine are meant to be very healing for the gut and should slow the digestion of the OJ. I've tried a savoury version, flavoured with Marmite and pepper...

  • Ayorkor,

    Diet is massive in adrenal issues as low adrenal hormones fail to raise blood glucose enough to meet demand and the cells don't receive the glucose (and other nutrients) they require.

    The early morning wake ups between 2-4am are generally due to the liver lacking glycogen reserves, required for conversion by the adrenals to keep blood glucose levels high throughout the long night.

    I agree OJ is very sugary and have not tried the adrenal cocktail but understand the glucose in the OJ is to replace that which is missing.

    You could try a g/f cracker with peanut butter (or equivalent) for long slow acting carbs, instead of the big quick sugar hit of OJ, which if you have insulin resistance won't work anyway.

  • Hello. I'm really curious about your post as I've not heard of this before. I'm, compared to some, reasonably well but am seriously struggling with being wide awake throughout the early hours. My brain goes into overdrive. Can you give me the ingredients and advice on when to take this cocktail please... I'm pretty much prepared to do anything to get some sleep... Many thanks.

  • The original cocktail can be found on the STTM website where there is loads of helpful info on the adrenals. A bible for many!

  • I use sea salt and cream of tartar in a glass of water 90mins before bedtime. I dont notice a surge of energy.

  • And are you sleeping better since doing that?

  • The nights I've not taken it I've not noticed any difference.

  • No orange juice?

  • that's right somebody recommended just the tartar and salt

  • Interesting!

  • they also said take a Vit B complex tab with it but I already take this anyway after dinner.

  • I'm really amazed at some of the responses on here, which have nothing to do with the actual adrenal cocktail! lol Pork gelatine and peanut butter on crackers? Totally missing the point.

    A glass of orange juice (for the vit C, not the glucose), half a teaspoon of salt (for the sodium), half a teaspoon of cream of tartar (for the potassium). One should at least try the correct recipe at the correct time before making alterations. Otherwise, it isn't the adrenal cocktail, is it?

    For myself, I did try it in its original form, and adapted it to suit me. I don't take it a night because I take my T3 at night. I make it my hot drink in the morning. I don't like sweet things first thing, so I put lemon juice in hot water - serves a double purpose. I use sea salt or pink Himalayen, depending on what I've got, and I've cut out the cream of tartar because it didn't agree with me. So, that's my version! lol

    The important thing is the salt and the vit C. For adrenals. I don't think I'm short on potassium, and don't need any extra. But I don't think I get enough salt. And the lemon juice is supposed to have other benefits first thing in the morning.

  • Found at random, but also totally missing the point...

  • That's very interesting. Thank you for that.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't doubt the virtues of gelatine. When I was a kid, as soon as anyone was ill, out came the calf foot jelly! It's just that the question was about the adrenal cocktail. lol

    It says that taking lemon/lime juice in water before bed, lowers cortisol... Anybody tried that?

  • My original response was made with the aim of avoiding the blood sugar spike from the orange juice. Here's some support for the role of gelatine in that:

    As for myself, serum potassium is bumping along the bottom of the range when I'm taking Levothyroxine, but seems to be better when I'm on NDT. I wonder if that's due to increased cortisol when on Levo (the dexamethasone suppression test came back OK when on NDT).

    My serum sodium is at the upper end of the range, and I have hypertension.

    Neither potassium nor sodium should be where they are from my diet.

    I've had a test for Conn's syndrome, but didn't get the numbers. The UK's expert says there are 20 levels of results that can point to a diagnosis, so I may have slipped through the net by being at one end of the range or the other.

    I'm on a more even keel than last year, but still wrecked, physically, so feel reverse T3 should be looked at.

  • It's so complicated, isn't it! And doctors think all you have to do is take that little white pill and you're cured!

    I agree about the orange juice. I've often thought that that wasn't a terribly good idea. Which is why I replaced it with lemon juice. I bought some limes today, and I'm going to try adding those in.

    My potassium is always higher than my sodium, so I'm not surprised the cream of tartar didn't agree with me. I bought a huge pot, too! lol Shall have to make scones, now!

  • Thanks. I won't give up and will try different versions. Can't always be sure where my sodium/ potassium levels are but if you google adrenal cocktails its amazing to see how creative people can be.

  • Yes, it's all trial and error, no matter what you try.

  • I do lemon juice in hot water in morn too. Very cleansing.

  • Well, can't say I've noticed any benefits, but I struggle on!

  • To sleep, mix 5 parts honey &1 part Himalayan salt in small jar. Dissolve 1 teaspoon under tongue before going to bed.

  • Does it have to be hymillayan? Or would sea salt work just as well...

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