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T3 advice please

My recent consultation at King's (London) went surprisingly well. Consultant was considered and listened. He suggested I tried reducing my Levo (was 75) to 50 and introduce T3 of 20 and see how I got on. Its only been a week but I feel like a light bulb has slowly been turned on...I have an appointment with the GP on Monday to get the T3 prescription renewed (endo gave me 28 days). Can the GP refuse? Thanks for help and advice.

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Yes, he can refuse. The endo can only suggest he prescribes, I would go in to the doc, request the t3 and have some back up info ready if he objects.... Things like..... T3 is safe, it doesnt give heart problems. The real problem is the price which has been increased several times. There is currently an investigation into price hikes. Afraid if price comes up, you have to convince both the doctor and the local ccg (or whatever they are now called. ). that you are 'worth it'.

Here is some back up stuff....




Many thanks for this - I will have a good read over the weekend. It is such a shame that we have to constantly defend our position. Forearmed etc. Fingers crossed that the meeting on Monday goes ok. Lizx


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