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Footygirl here in disguise as Footygirlagain

Hi folks. Had a computer glitch so had to rejoin.

With bad memory too, thanks to all who have helped re getting thyroid test done privately as GP deaf to my requests. Thanks especially to the lady who saw bargain price for thyroid blood tests.

Kit has arrived. Will be seeing tame phlebo next week to get blood drawn. Will post results to get your informed opinion. I do hope it will result in meds to make me feel better.

I often used to joke that as long as I am upright and breathing, I was ok. Well breathing is about all I can manage at the moment I feel so poorly.

Wish me luck for a positive, if negative result.

Thanks again to you all



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Good luck hope you feel well soon


I hope your results will help determine your next step. You are doing the right thing and it takes effort. Best wishes!

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