Updated thyroid blood results....please help!!!!

Updated thyroid blood results....please help!!!!

Hi guys, I posted back in mid September but hadn't had T3 and Antibodies tested.

My previous T4 was 12.3 and my TSH was 0.99, this test is from last week.

As my previous post explained, I have a goiter, have thyroid nodules (A new one was discovered just yesterday... 10 and 5mm), I am exhausted, depressed, have PCOS, weight gain, excess hair...the works and my cholesterol is slightly raised also.

It was mentioned to me that I may have secondary hypothyroidism, but I am so confused RE my results. My doctor has referred me to the hospital for further investigation which will take some time.

Does anyone have any idea what these results may mean?

Thanks in advance xxx

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  • I dont know if this helps or is relevant at all? I have been refered to the Lipid - Diabeates and Metabolism clinic.

    ! Serum triglycerides 3.43 (0-1.7)

    ! Serum HDL Cholesterol Level 1.09 (1.15-1.68)

    Serum LDL Cholesterol Level 3.5

    ! Serum Cholesterol / HDL ratio 5.6 (0-5.0)

    Non-HDL Cholesterol 5.01

  • T3 is the active thyroid hormone which controls the metabolism and therefore the symptoms. Your Free T3 is in the top part of the normal range, which is good, so you are not hypothyroid and should not have hypothyroid symptoms.

    With this level of Free T3 the TSH would normally be very low - your TSH of 2.51 is unusual.

    As you are still having what appear to be hypothyroid symptoms, and reflecting your thyroid blood tests, one possible cause is a genetic condition commonly known as Thyroid Hormone Resistance. It causes hypothyroid symptoms and requires very high T3 levels (often above the top of the normal range) in the body to overcome the resistance.

    Thyroid nodules are also common with this condition.

  • Hi I should have had an operation on Monday to remove a Thyroid nodule, but it was cancelled last minute due to the fact my TSH levels had risen to (61.4) and I was feeling and still am feeling a little unwell. My consultant has just put me on Levothyroxine 50mg and by reading some of the things on here I'm in for a rough time.

  • It is possible that thyroid hormones may shrink the nodule but it will take a lot more than 50 mcg levo.

    If a full replacement dose of thyroid hormones (ideally T3) is taken then the thyroid does not have to produce any thyroid hormones and it may shrink.

    Unless the doctor is concerned about cancer I would not rush surgery.

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