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Where can I buy T3 online please?

MY GP said they could do no more for me when they concluded I probably needed T3 in addition to my T4. I got a private referral and following further blood tests I now have a prescription from that consultant for 25mg Liothyronine. He said I'm not converting my T4 to T3. He also said this was cheaper to buy online. I went to Boots who said it will cost me £100 and they only do 20mg tablets and can't get the 25 mg. I can't find a supplier online! Can anyone on here help me with a website address?

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Welcome to the forum, Surreybear.

Members will send you private messages where to source T3. Click on the email notification or red dot above your username to access messages.

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I too need help.the natural thyroid hormone is costing me a fortune.i only get 1 grain per pill and its not enough t3,i have to take 3 pills a day or more as its mainly t4 and I cant convert it due to extreme liver damage.


Your request will only be seen briefly on Newsfeed. I recommend you write your own post and ask members to send you a private message with sources. If you include recent thyroid results members will advise whether you are optimally medicated on 3 grains. There is 27mcg T3 in 3 grains as well as the T4 which is converted in all the major organs not just the liver.

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I too need help with this,i am hypo and I have liver damage,severe damage.i am very sick,t4 does not work for me at all :( my liver cant convert but stupid gp wont give me t3 as he has no idea how it specialist gives me natural thyroid script but its too expensive and the t4 is going to waste in it cos I cant convert.please help.

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