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Eyesight, will it improve on Levo?

Hello all, my eyesight has become noticeably worse in the last few months since having been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. If I go on the medication, is that likely to improve? I ask because I've broken my glasses and I don't know whether to have them replaced with a prescription for my eyesight as it is now or whether my vision is likely to revert back again. I can't afford to change them again any time soon, so I need to make the right decision now. Thank you in anticipation of your advice.

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My optician said eyesight improves when optimally medicated as when your hypo the eye muscles get tired so don't work as well. My eyesight deffinatly got worse after my thyroidectomy but has improved eventually to previous levels. However when I'm feeling hypo if I've done too much my eyesight gets worse.


Thank you mrsm49 that's really helpful. I'll stay with the same prescription then if the sight is likely to improve again.

I'm pleased to hear that your eyesight has improved after your operation.


It really stays the same get your eyes tested and replace your specs.


Thank you.


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