New member - not feeling well on Tiromel please help where to order Uni Pharma

I am self-medicating with T3 and am currently on Tiromel and I feel bad. I heard about Uni Pharma on another forum and I asked where I can get it but people there are so selfish they want to keep the source only for themselves. I saw lots of posts here sharing this source of Greek T3, if you don't mind please share it with me too it's urgent. Many thanks

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  • Welcome to the forum, Bubbles63.

    Have you had thyroid levels checked since self medicating T3 to check you are optimally dosed?

  • Thank you. I never did any tests since I started self-medicating. There is simply not enough money for tests as well :)

  • Bubbles63,

    Symptoms of over medication and under medication can be similar. If you can't persuade your GP to test TSH and FT3 you really need to order a private test periodically to check you aren't over or under medicating.

  • You poor thing, what kind of forum did you join where nobody wanted to share their source with you? What a selfish bunch of people :( I sent you my source x

  • Thank you sooo much PinkRabbit. I already ordered :)

    It was some weigh loss forum I was on (since I am both hypothyroid and overweight). People there were very rude, they were writing how they have some great supplier in Greece, they called it T3 suppliers or something like that but when I asked them to give me the link they didn't want to help. One person even said to me - "get your own supplier". Yes they are so selfish and the thing is that I am rubbish when it comes to computers, I mean now that I got the link from several people I can see that I was able search for them on google but I am so stupid, I am really, really stupid. Thank you for being kind to me x

  • Bubbles, please don't call yourself "stupid" in this illness we all know how our brain can't work properly when we are not properly medicated. Forget about this selfish weigh group. I am always glad if I am of any help to anyone and most people are. Take care x

  • My Uni Pharma arrived!! So fast, thank you so much Pink_Rabbit and to others who helped (hugs)

  • Great Bubbles, hope things will improve for you :)

  • Thank you PinkRabbit, I am taking Uni Pharma for only 4 days now but I can already feel the difference and the stomach discomfort is finally gone :)

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