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Newly Diagnosed Graves Disease

Hi, I was diagnosed with mild Graves Disease about 8 weeks ago, I was on Neo Merc but have just changed to PTU due to nose bleeds and bruising (blood tests said everything was fine though, T3 & T4 back in range but TSH not). A few days ago before I changed to PTU I got a really fast heart beat that would not go down, doc gave me a beta blocker and this stopped thankfully but every time I eat dinner or lay down to go to bed the fast heart rate starts again. Before this I was travelling along well and I only found out I had Graves Disease because I went for a routine blood test (had no symptoms). Since being on the medication I have just felt unwell and now I'm starting to get symptoms that I never had before. Also what vitamin supplements do you all take and any info you can give me would be wonderful, sorry for all the questions I'd never heard of this disease before now and I'm feeling a bit lost, thanks

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Welcome to the group Barney,

Can you post your blood test results along with their lab ranges - that's the figures next to the results. It will let people see where you are coming from.

As a fellow Graves sufferer (in remission now thankfully) I'd say it's good that you have discovered you have Graves before the awful and varied Graves symptoms kick in.

How much PTU are you taking and what is the plan for your treatment? Is it going to be titrated down or are you going to be treated with block and replace?

You need to check out your vitamins B12 and D, also folates and ferritin. You want those to be in the upper end of their ranges for good thyroid health.

When I started carbimazole I was told by my pharmacist to take vitamin C so I always took 1000mcg slow release vit C and zinc. I also took CoQ10 daily and used a vitamin D spray to keep my vit D high also took K2 on and off with the D.

I no longer eat cakes and biscuits - well, I lie, I eat gluten free chocolate brownie from time to time but generally I don't eat junk find or diet drinks, I avoid fruit juices and eat a lot of fish and chicken and masses of fresh veg, I eat fruit but mostly berries. I also eat a lot of unprocessed nuts as well as pumpkin and sunflower seeds I'm also on a low carb, high fat (LCHF) diet - I developed T2 diabetes while being treated for autoimmune arthritis and discovered that grains of any type spiked my blood sugar so I've gradually eliminated all the culprits.

This time last year I went totally gluten free in an attempt to reduce my antibodies. That worked and while I've still got some thyroid antibodies they are almost gone now which is good. Could be the GF Diet or it could just be my time. I'm sticking with the GF though.

Keep a check on your bloods to make sure you don't become hypo as part of your treatment and always get a copy of all your test results - don't just accept your doctor telling you your results are 'good' or 'fine. You've done well finding this site, read as much as you can about your conditions and ask questions when you see your endo.

If you haven't already found the ThyroidUK website here is a link you will find a huge amount of good information on there. If you sign up to Jon then you will get their magazine and be helping to support their wonderful work.


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