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Adrenal fatigue - short syncthen test

My Endo arranged for me to have a short Synacthen test to investigate my fatigue. The Endo says the result is normal.

Baseline cortisol level was 545. This level is apparently sufficient to rule out hypo adrenalism.

30 minutes post stimulation result was 746.

60 minute level was 927.

Endo says this presents an adequate response to Synacthen. A satisfactory level would be 450 and my level is well above that.

I have a few queries:

- if satisfactory level is 450 and mine is well above that, would this maybe indicate high adrenal levels.

- is this test meaningful?

I don't really understand too much about this so would welcome any input.

Many thanks

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Short synacten test is a meaningful test to measure adrenal/cortisol response.

Feel free to repost your question re cortisol levels. I'm sorry I'm unable to help.


Hi Clutter, thank you. This stuff is complicated, but at least the test is meaningful. Endo did tell me to order my own adrenal saliva test privately as she is unable to do that one.



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