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Alternating levo this good practice ?

Been on 100mcg over 12 months, started to notice I was a little hyper..everything well but brain racing, Doc has reduced me to 75mcg on alternative days, so one day 100mcg next 75 ...I insisted that piling weight on is no brainier for me, I have lung disease too chronic..very sick, so walking and weight are not a option, which is why we are trying this way, anyone know if its okay to do this? I really need advise, this crap is driving me nuts. Also a good local thyroid specialist is really a option I am looking at now and going private, the UK is so antiquated with meds and of course money driven over the best drugs so we are thrown cheap and left to struggle...I am levo...thanks in advance. I will ask for re test at 6 weeks and put results here. Live in South West UK...Devon .

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Alternating 75/100mcg alternate days is an acceptable way of achieving 87.5mcg daily.


Thanks, will see how I go and get the test results and put on here once they are in about 5 weeks from now...many thanks for your expert knowledge and help, its appreciated.


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