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Hot & Cold & Numb Arm

Hi Everyone,

Just recently the past week my face & ears have been bright red and hot and my feet, hands & nose have been ice cold. Ive also had a headache and tired eyes but last night my right arm started feeling weak and numb, the same thing happened to me a werk ago but i just thought it was ond of those things. It happened again last night so im a bit concerned. I seem to be frequently passing water aswell.

My recent blood tests were T4 16.5 -T3 5.2 - TSH <0.01

Iron 12.7

Ferritin 39

I take 150 levo & 20mg T3 daily

Im going the Drs later to see if he can shed any light on whats going on but was hoping someone could offer me some advice please as ive not experienced this before.

Many Thanks

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Have you had your vit B12 tested?


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