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NDT dosing

Hi there i started taking NDT 12 days ago 1 grain. Started to feel better about day 5 before feeling ill again by day 8 so i increased by 1/4 grain on day 9. Unfortunately i still feel ill with headache, nausea and dizzy spells. Have i increased too soon/too much or not enough? Your wise words would be helpful. My vits were optimal apart from D which i'm working on. As mentioned before i do have inflamed sinus but that had improved with the rinse/ steroid combination so i don't know if it's simply that back again 😖

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If you've already been on levothyroxine you can switch straight over to an equivalent dose of NDT. Your dose might have been a bit too low initially so symptoms began again. 1 grain is thought to be between 75 and 100 levo.

Taking note of your temp/pulse if you are still symptomatic after two weeks you should increase by 1/4 every 2 weeks until they are relieved. Obviously it is not always a smooth ride and hope this link will be helpful.



there is a transition for period or was for me....took several months...i had to split and now i dont, was sensitive to the t3 in it , now i am not......headache can be too much or too little, but also sometimes it flag low ferritin serum, or high cortisol......try splitting out the dosage thughtout the day, make sure it is away from food and vitamins....


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