Interpretation of test results

Interpretation of test results

Well kind of anyway. I am 65, been overweight for 30 years, lose a bit, gain it back scenario. My mother was hypothyroid, diagnosed in her mid 60s and also had pernicious anaemia, sister has the p. anaemia but not the thyroid diagnosis although I'm pretty sure she's likely to have it. I've been tested by the NHS a few times but I'm always told my thyroid is normal. I had my thyroid ultrasound scanned as part of scan on a lump on my neck ("it's only a swollen lymph node, absolutely nothing else wrong") and was told there were thyroid nodules but that most folk have them. After putting on nearly a stone with no diet changes etc. I was referred to the Endo team and seen by the Consultant. Her interpretation of the blood tests was the same, nothing wrong. I was rather upset at the time and she told me that she thought I wanted to be hypothyroid so I had an "excuse" for being so overweight. Cheers lady. She did a 24 hour urine test to rule out an endocrine tumour somewhere. Before I went to see her I had some tests done at Blue Horizon which I took along and showed her, she dismissed them saying they were all the same as the NHS did anyway except for the antibodies. I had also kept a temperature chart for 3 weeks, taking my temperature 3 times a day which showed that I never make 98.4 and am often around 97 or less. She dismissed that as irrelevant. So I feel stuck. My ferritin levels are constantly high but no one seems interested in sorting out why. After such a long ramble my question really is, try as I might I'm just not sure what my private tests show, is there anywhere I can post them up for someone to take a look and maybe interpret them for me? I really don't want to be hypothyroid but I would love to shift this weight, especially as I was told that I had NAFLD although that apparently didn't merit any further investigation either. Thanks in advance.

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  • Espeegee You can post your results here. Edit your post by clicking on the down arrow, choose Edit, add your results by either adding a photo clear enough to read or type in the information (include reference ranges), then click the green button which saves the changes.

  • Thanks.

  • You haven't posted your test results.

  • Wow, the endo you saw sounds like a real charmer! I wouldn't bother seeing her again, in your shoes.

    1) You can create a post and type in your results including the reference ranges.

    2) Or if your results are saved on your PC then you can click on Add Photo when you create the post and select the file from your PC. It is a very good idea to take a copy of your results first then exclude your personally identifying information. You really shouldn't advertise your name, address and date of birth on the forum.

  • She certainly was! She even told me how she puts weight on occasionally and struggles to lose it. She discharged me the last time I went saying that my ferritin levels were still high so I should have one more blood test and if it was high again she would send the results to my GP and suggest a referral to gastroenterology. I've heard nothing so who knows.

  • I attended Chorley hospital, I wasn't impressed with her at all. She was marginally better the second time I saw her but by then I was resigned to not getting any help from her. I find it difficult to understand why these highly paid medical professionals don't seem to keep up to date in their own area of "expertise". If I can read books and blogs and watch videos that are also produced by experts in the field which detail why the present testing is inadequate why can't they?

  • Anyone any ideas about the test results? I know they're a bit old but when I had them done I was expecting to see the Endo team in December last year but my appointment was cancelled and I didn't get another for several months.

  • You don't have Hashis, no antibodies. Your TSH was good, but your T4 and T3 are very much on the low side, though within range. Was your B12 checked by anyone? Folate? Your ferritin could be high due to inflammation, any crp result?

    Have you tried supplementing some iodine? And selenium?

  • Thanks for taking the time to answer. I tried iodine a long while back in liquid form, I didn't notice any difference in symptoms. Selenium I've tried on and off, again no difference, tried B12 too for a few months at a time. I've had B12 tested, comes back at normal levels. I'm sure folate has been checked too, I'm away at the moment so don't have access to the last results I had done, curiously, despite my ferritin levels being consistently high, they weren't tested the last time.

  • That's a new one to me too, I've read two thyroid related books and read many a blog etc. And never seen that mentioned, more reading lol, thanks.

  • Autoimmune gastritis or PA is caused by antibodies to the stomach lining. I have not seen any evidence that any thyroid condition causes PA.

    Hypot can of course result in low B12 due to poor absorbtion, but that's not the same as PA.

  • It's curious I guess that both my mother (no longer with us unfortunately) and my sister both had PA, only my mother was diagnosed with Hypo. My sister has a lot of the symptoms, she's always cold, but hasn't been diagnosed as far as I know, unfortunately we are estranged so I won't be asking her lol.

  • What was your first b12 when tested before supplementation? The gp may have said it was normal when it was actually low. If so, given your family history, you could run private tests for intrinsic factor, serum gastrin etc. The symptoms of hypo and pa as you know hugely overlap.

    The other thing to check is central or secondary hypothyroidism. Your T4 being low within range could fit this. But I'd want to rule out autoimmune gastritis.

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