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Hi my name is Dan, I got diagnosed with Hashimoto's in March 2016, but I think I've had it for at least 15 years prior to diagnosis (I'm 30 years old). I've been quietly following this community ever since, reading posts every morning before work and learning a lot. I've incorporated a lot of your advices (even if they weren't directed to me) and even tho I'm not 100% better, the advice you all give on here has helped tremendously. I will eventually post my labs and symptoms, but first I just wanted to finally make my first post by saying a huge THANK YOU to everyone in this community. You guys give strength to those who sometimes fall, and this is no small deed. Without this community I can only imagine where i'd be. Once again thank you all!



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Hi dang,

Welcome, and thank you for that lovely post.

J 🍀

Welcome Dan,

Be rest assured that there will always someone who will try to help you as we are all making the journey together and people are so kind .It's good to hear that you are already making some progress from what you read and I am sure that every one here wishes you well for the future.

dang Hear,hear Dan - completely agree. Oh and welcome to the forum!

Thank you Dan and the reason we're happy to be on here is because it's how we recovered or hope to soon.

On our own it's hopeless and we do wonder why we aren't diagnosed or if diagnosed not being given an optimum or options of thyroid hormones.

I hope you are able to recover fully and get back to good health and you forget you've a problem with your thyroid gland. :)

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