T3 results don't count lol

Hi everyone. I just thought i would give you all a laugh for the day. My newest Endo i started seeing in early August said something i almost peed myself laughing at. I called and left a message to see if they would please call lab to request a free T3 test for me since i am now on cytomel generic now. I am going to be tested tomorrow morning my TSH, free T4, antibodies and Vit D and noticed that free T3 was not on it as i requested at my last appt. So, They call me back and my return message said that dr. told her to tell me she does not test for Free T3, Total 3 or reverse 3. She does not believe that free T3 is reliable. The results do not count for the bigger picture........ My face is beet red right now ladies and gentlemen. So i will get tested tomorrow, go see her in 8 days and then I will go to my GP and request the free T3, total 3 and reverse be done along my iron, folate, b12, ferritin also. I will keep my results as always. Eventhough they don't understand those tests or treat me for my hashi's or hypo, at least they will write the script so i can know for myself what i need. After all, I basically diagnosed myself, told them what kind of specialist i needed & then figured out i needed T3 also!!!! If i could write out a script and a lab order i wouldn't even waste my money and insurance on these peeps. I seen a meme on FB the other day i wanted to share with you all. It said "That moment when you look around and realize you know more about your disease than anyone else in the room" and the bottom read, "And you're at the drs. office" hahahahaha and the bottom says Thyroid disease!! True story for sure.

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  • Sounds familiar. Mine is concerned that my tsh is too low after putting me on 50mcg of liothionine (t3) for almost a year. Hahaha. I thought he wanted to shut my thyroid down because my levels of t3 and t4 were never where he wanted them.

  • I have another story that shows how little they know. My GP called me in for a thyroid test as I had not had one for over a year. I take thyroxine and T3. I asked her if I asked her when she wanted me to stop the T3 as I take one dose before my evening meal and some doctors i've seen have given me different instructions.

    When she called me to give me the result she said the TSH was "nicely suppressed". When I asked her what the T3 was she said they had not done that! The fact is that my TSH was normal when it was discovered that my T3 was low so my TSH being nicely suppressed did not mean anything. I had already told her that. She admitted that she had not done any tests for T3 and knew very little about it!

  • it is crazy how thyroid disease sufferers seem to know more

  • I would be very tempted to ask why does a healthy thyroid produce T4, T3, T2 and T1? Surely simple logic dictates that the body only produces what it needs, so if your healthy thyroid produces T3 then your body must need it. If your unhealthy thyroid is failing to produce enough T3 or you body cannot convert T4 to T3 then they have to supply you with T3. Maybe my brain works in too simple a way, inspite of low T3 and only receiving T4 on prescription. I am still working out what to do next, probably look at my adrenals, but they don't exist in the NHS either. LOL

  • Whilst I agree with respect to T3, when it comes to T2 and T1 I can see no reason to invoke "need" over them simply being low-level by-products. Where MIT joins MIT rather than MIT joins DIT, or DIT joins DIT. That is, the pre-cursors of T4 and T3 are present and the odd molecule of T2 is created. Or the odd molecule of T2 gets converted into T1.

    The amounts of T2 and T1 coming from thyroids appears to be extremely low - far less than is made where T3 is converted to T2, or T2 to T1 in cells.

  • unfornately T1 & T2 helvella i know nothing about

  • crumple try some ashwagandha for adrenals is all of your nutritional levels are all optimal. Did me wonders for adrenals and other stuff!

  • crumple sorry i replied and it wen somewhere else and also called you crumple instead lol

  • You need to have a laugh when you have thyroid probs. I will look into Ashwagandha when i get back from my hols. I am reasonably well at the moment and last tests showed Vits were fine. My T4 and T3 levels need to be better but of course doc thinks I will get osteoporosis or heart attack if I suppress my TSH further. (it was .18 last test after a very small increase in dose, I was happy doc deffo NOT.)

  • Thanks Helvella, that's why I didn't mention "need" T2 and T1 but if you mention them to NHS they really haven't heard about them and most haven't heard of T3. A complete overhaul of NHS doc training, especially as the PM has now announced an extra 1500 places fro med students- should have been done years ago, but someone in NHS can't add up re wastage of docs, the disillusioned and those that go overseas for better pay and conditions. It really isn't difficult to understand why we have too few docs and diagnosis by tick box doesn't work. An accountant will have thought that one up. Rant over!

  • Hahaha!! that really made me laugh ,where would we be without this site ,thank you crimple for putting a smile on my face ,iv lost count of the number of times iv ranted to myself and friends ,it defo makes you feel better ,

  • An extra 1500 medical students gleaned from those who would have done media studies or sociology, but fancy earning 80,000 being rude to people ...

  • Quickly skimmed and saved for thorough reading later 🙂 brain already working overtime with possibilities ref metabolism, brain function and mitochondria with own issues never mind the big picture 😮🙃 I have seen mention somewhere else ref t2 and growth in vitro... brain working reasonably well at Mo but not usually so bits only remembered from most research unfortunately.

    Thank you eljii

    Linda x

  • Yes, my endo will prescribe T3 and will test for it only because I request it. But she says that the test is meaningless and only looks at TSH. Because I take the T3 my TSH is suppressed and that makes her unhappy. Last time I had my blood tested I skipped my T4 for two days before (didn't tell her) and my TSH was a little bit higher. Then she was happy. I asked her about T1 and T2 and she said there is no T1 and T2, only T3 and T4! I continue to be astonished at what I read on this forum about the docs and their lack of knowledge about thyroid disease. It's preposterous!

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