trapped nerve in arm could it be due to using a laptop literally on the lap

I tendto sit on settee with laptop with a touch pad not a mouse and developed a trapped nerve I wouldthink , my left arm is weak and constantly feelling like a

pinched nerve which i would say is the ulna nerve as it pulsates along the underside of my arm and can be seen at a rate of knots, the whole arm is tinlging, now I am

using one hand only- which ever way I lay arm or lean on arm or have arm bent it feels horrid and trembling.. and wondering if its linked to the 6 year old heavy

pressure inmy head that no one has found the cause or if its due to my neckbones that are knackered with a bulging disc or shoulder..orusingthe lap top onmy lap,... ideas on a postcard please, I have toget this sorted, its so uncomfortable thanks.

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  • Ahhh .... poor you Pets. It's never ending.

    I think any constantly repeated posture or movement can ail our poor sick bodies.

    Try changing position .... maybe sitting at a table. Perhaps massage it with oil or creams.

    I am right handed but make myself use my left sometimes ....just for the hell of it... but it's useful if right hand//arm has something wrong, as I can switch..

    Hope it improves soon.

  • yes one thing after another radd,maybe next year????

  • ((HUGS)) xx

  • Have you considered visiting a Chiropractor?

  • I second this! :D Did wonders for my neck and arm a few years ago! xx

    AND I got the 6 sessions free on the NHS through a GP referral. :D


  • I need to go doctors lou

  • no I cannot afford it on a basic low state pension and no savings

  • pettals , I was referred by my GP for a trapped nerve . It only took a couple of weeks . Fortunately a physio visits the surgery.x

  • goingto docs next week.xx

  • Well sounds like you've got a number of contributing postural problems that are causing not only the arm issue but a number of others, so you need to sort it out as a 'whole body' problem rather than simply looking at your arm. Also, the best advice apart from that is to not use your laptop as often! Probably the very thing you don't want to hear!

  • yes would you believe thati had mri in 2013 and it was NEVER concluded at follow upclinic, I have just looked the clinic notes but I shallmentionit wheni goback next month to the sleep study appoint. nothing gets followed unless you fight it

  • I think it could well be due to sitting on the settee and typing. Sitting at a table would be better because you can look, more or less straight at the screen and your eyes/ head is more or less in front of it.

    If computer is on your lap your head has to be in an unnatural position for a long time, looking down so it will put strain on your muscles/shoulder/arms, I think, not being medically qualified but I did have repetitive strain injuries at one time.

  • yes I wondered I am plugged in with a bloody Ethernet cable at themoment so cant move to table

  • It's your laptop that has to be plugged in BP, not you :) Maybe a laptop/folding table. I know money is tight and don't know if they'd solve your problem.

  • that's a goodidea shaws butas soon as my son fixes up the new password I wont have to be plugged in..

  • That's good.

  • Laptops should not be used on a regular basis. They are not meant for regular use.

  • glyni s rose thankyou for that but what am I supposed to use?

  • You might find that even a cheap external keyboard would help.

    Also, a mouse rather than a touchpad. But we are all different so this is not a recommendation, just a suggestion to consider.

  • yes thanks helvella I have raised my leftarm now I hope it will help I don't usually sit on sett its because I cant log into router untilmy busy son resets thepassword so I am logged in with the cable.. ughh

  • Try a plug in ergonomic keyboard.

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