Vitamin D test results/Antibodies

Please could someone advise on my recent results:

Vit D3 37.1

Vit D2 10.0

I asked for these results from my GP's receptionist. She said there were no ranges, so don't know if they mean anything to anyone? Should I be supplementing?

I also asked for antibodies to be tested, and the result was 7 (range 0-9). Is this Hashimoto's? I have been taking 50mcg of Levothyroxine for 14 months now. Thank you.

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  • AiryFairie This is what a Vit D result would normally be like and that is fairly general. Recommended level for 100-150 so yours is 47.1 and you need to supplement.

    You need to get a D3 supplement. A softgel has the least amount of ingredients eg . You need to take 5000iu daily for about 2-3 months then reduce to 5000iu alternate days as a maintenance dose. Retest once or twice a year through City Assays (as link) which they recommend so as not to go too high.

    When supplementing with D3 we also need K2-MK7. Vit D aids absorption of calcium from food and K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth rather than arteries and soft tissues. Magnesium is another co-factor we need when supplementing with D3. Take D3 and K2 with dietary fat and magnesium in the evening as it is calming and aids sleep.

    Your antibodies are within range, they would have to be above range to be positive for Hashimoto's. However, you've only had one type of antibodies tested, presumably Thyroid Peroxidase if done on the NHS. There is another type, Thyroglobulin, which the NHS don't seem to do. You could ask your GP or you could get it done through Blue Horizon as part of a bundle.

  • Thank you SeasideSusie. Naturally, the advice on the results was "Normal" - I am losing faith quickly as my B12 was tested a couple of months ago, and came back at only 278 ng/L. The advice? You guessed it - "Normal No Action". Followed your advice about supplementing B12, and "brain fog" cleared up pretty quickly. :) Still don't feel great, and have a lot of constipation and bowel pain (which keeps me awake at the moment, so tired most of the time). Will start on Vit D supplements next. Onwards and upwards! :)

  • Constipation, oh dear :( I know all about that. Are you supplementing iron which might be causing it? I can give you some tips, just ask if you want any.

  • No, not supplementing iron. Last had that tested in March this year and the result was 18 umol/L (9 - 30). Normal No Action. Should that be higher in the range?

  • Do you have a ferritin and/or haemoglobin blood test results? Serum iron doesn't show whether your iron containing proteins are depleted or not.

  • All I can see is that my results stated Serum transferrin 2.4 g/L (2.0 - 3.6) and Transferrin saturation index 30 (15 - 45). Back last October (2015) a test showed Mean corpusc. haemoglobin 32.1 (27.0 - 32.0) and an exclamation mark next to it, but I never knew what this meant. Now I have had the results printed off I see Abnormal No Action required. Sorry if this doesn't answer your question bluebug, but all this is new to me! :/

  • Those aren't actually the parameters I want.

    Haemoglobin is sometimes called "Haemoglobin estimate" as you have serum transferrin and mean coprusc haemoglobin values it should be on some of your results. It is normally on a full blood or complete blood count.

    Ferritin is always called "ferritin" and you may not have had that done as it is not a standard part of a full/complete blood count and a doctor has to explicitly ask for it to be done.

    BTW the high mean corpuscular haemoglobin (MCH) value is an indication that your vitamin B12 level was too low. Unfortunately the fact the lab stated "no action required" means that your doctor wouldn't have looked up what the possible causes were, so it is lucky you asked here.

  • Have found Haemoglobin estimation result, from a year ago: 139 g/L (115 - 165), but that was the last time it was tested. Can't find any results for ferritin. It is reassuring to know I can get tests done independently if I feel the need. Thank you for your help, bluebug!

  • Haemoglobin is good.

    Get your vitamin D up and keep taking your vitamin B12 supplements.

    If you then still feel knackered get your ferritin level tested.

  • Will do. Thanks again for your advice. :)

  • I forgot this site may help you understand what the tests are for and gives explanations of why results are out of range -

    It's worth playing around.

  • So, SeasideSusie and bluebug, just wanted to update: Went back to GP and queried Vitamin results, including Vit D2 <10.0 and Vit D3 37.1. Like the Receptionist, he insisted all was "normal" and no problem. I then asked him if we could see the actual report (of 2 months ago) on his computer screen, and he said he would print it off for me (thumbs up for that!) It states:

    "Thresholds for treatment are based on total 25-0H Vit D i.e. 25-0H Vit D2 and 25-0H Vit D3 combined. Vitamin 25-0H D 30-50 nmol/L may be inadequate in some patients".

    I am taking Jarrow D3 5000IU daily. GP won't increase my Levo from 50mcg, says my results are "fine" (you said he wouldn't, SeasideSusie, with TSH 1.83 (0.20-4.50) and T4 14.9 (7.0-17.0), but I told him I still feel unwell (I'm also taking B12 as levels of that are low at 278ng/L (145-910). GP refused request to test T3, and then said he thought I should see an Endocrinologist, and "they will do that". I said I thought that was "overkill", and couldn't I just do a trial of 75mcg of Levo? But he is concerned about me developing "heart problems". Any thoughts?

  • You are just as likely to develop heart problems with a low dose. There are enough research papers on PubMed about thyroid and the heart. Especially if you have low T3. Maybe take a look.

  • Thank you Marz , I will take a look.

  • Did you manage to look ? Am away and on my phone so unable to do links for you .....

  • Yeah, well, that's Doctors for you, eh? What can you do? :(

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