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Hi there , please could some of you kind people who have helped me before offer me some advice . I saw my consultant back in September who said my Thyroid was good now and I was just stressed out yes that's true but I'm thinking I need to stop taking my Vitamin B12 as its very high but consultant says there's no such thing as too much . I have migraines every day at some point dizzy very tired have had kidney infection twice and now an ear one which antibiotic is finnished. I can't eat well and I did go back on wheat and gluten as I found since getting T3 I can eat more foods I couldn't before . Please please can someone help . My Kinesiologist said to take Rodiala but I'm scared as I took ginseng before and it wrecked me .

Results :

Iron percentage raised 50per cent Range 30-40

Ferritin 401 Range 13-150

Iron transference 1.8 Range 2-3.6

T3 6.1 Range 3.1-6.8

T4. 16.8 Range 12-22

B12 1150 Range 197-771

Folate 9.7 Range 4.6-8.7

Iron profile 22.6 10-30

I take 75mg thyroxine 20 mg Liothyronine

Many thanks

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B12 is a water soluble vitamin so excess is excreted in urine. However, there is no point in excreting expensive supplements so you could either reduce your dose or stop supplementing B12. Folate over range is not a problem when B12 is good.

Ferritin 401 is considerably over range. Are you supplementing iron?

T4 and T4 levels are good and indicate you are optimally dosed.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Hi Clutter ,

Thanks so much for getting back to me . I hope you are keeping well :)

I got an iron infusion about several months ago as all of my Iron was very low . I'm not taking any iron at all . I am taking B1 B5 b12 as consultant thinks I need it . I did have lots of energy for a while but it's gone back again so exhausted terrible migraines painful stomach and dizzy . I have had an awful lot of stress lately as my mums been very sick and I reduced my days of work but longer hours . I was working thirty hours over four days now I'm working 27 hours over three which is nine hour days but fourteen by time I count travel and getting home .

I'm wondering should I start taking rodiala as I can't take vitamins due to getting too much iron .

Many thanks so much :)



I don't know anything about Rhodiola so I can't advise whether or not you should take it.


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